With Google rolling out new features in different test markets all the time, it’s hard to keep up with your Google Business Listing. This week our team discovered a new feature that Google rolled out in the reviews section of certain business listings, the ability to search by keyword within a business’ reviews section. This can be very helpful for consumers who are looking to compare a business on specific features of interest. Check it out below.

Search Reviews Feature

How Review Search Is Helpful

This search review feature can be great if all you really care about is one service or product that a business sells. In our search, we utilized the word “bed” to see what people are saying about the actual beds at this hotel.

Google Review Search Beds

Review Keyword Search Will Impact Tourism & Multi-Product Businesses


This feature can be a game changer for the tourism industry as consumers are getting more specific in the needs they want to be met in their travel experience. It also can impact other industries that provide multiple services or products. A customer has an easier time knowing what to expect before they even pick up the phone.


Other Recent Features in Google Reviews

Along with the other new features Google reviews has rolled out recently, such as pulling in reviews from different booking websites for the tourism industry, it can seem that they are utilizing information from a variety of sources to create a wide variety of opinions. It allows Google to display their reviews in ways that resonate with specific user groups.


Just for reference, however, we did want to point out that all of the companies listed in the review filter section are owned by Expedia Group. A strategic move that will allow their reviews to be scraped and shared within Google’s platform to create a better experience for their users who utilize reviews to make a booking decision.

Google Review by Relevancy

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