Paid Advertising Predictions for 2017 - Look Out People!

When you’re gearing up to plan your paid marketing budget for 2017, knowing what to expect can save you many hours of time and stress. As we started planning our strategy for the new year, we came across some great findings that we think could help you better prepare as well. So grab your planning notebook and read on!

Extensions Galore

This year in Pay Per Click marketing, we have seen a large number of new extensions being introduced. We predict that going into next year, we will continue to see extensions change the scope and user experience factor. This can be beneficial to PPC managers, as the click through rate is much higher on extensions that connect with the user experience. Plus, extensions increase your overall Quality Score, which is awesome!

Less Keyword Matching

With Google learning what users like with increasing accuracy, the search results for each user will become incredibly tailored to each user’s intent. This advanced machine learning means you don’t have to do as many keyword match types, because the keywords are changing and google’s algorithms are becoming more advanced. Google will be gettingMobile is the Cash Cow of 2017-2020 better at serving what people want based on their previous actions.

Your Ad Dollars Spend More Accurately

The demographic data that we can all get in adwords will change in 2017. This will change the scope of paid marketing. You will be able to further target, segment data, and tailor ads in a group to fit a specific niche at a more pronounced level.


Mobile is going to become the top place to spend ad money in 2017 – 2020. Voice activated searches have been increasing dramatically this year, and we predict they will keep rising. Here’s a simple Google trends search we did for the phrase “Roofers near me.”

Google Trends Search for Roofers Near Me

Since the introduction of voice searches, the mobile market has clearly segmented itself to be a force of reckoning for 2017. The introduction of Bing Cortana, Google Assist, and Amazon Echo have also helped spur the market towards hands free research and purchasing.

Voice Query Trends


Ad Spend is Getting More Expensive for Contractorsaverage-cpc-spend

In the industry, cost for Home Improvement ads are going up because the spend is one of the largest in this industry. Doing a little investigating with our own contractors we discovered that ad spend for roofing has had an average Cost Per Conversion increase that we predict will continue into 2017 as well.

We’re starting to see more roofing contractors move towards digital marketing, which has created more competition for ad spend bidding. The benefit of being an AdWords client longer, is that your ad rankings have higher priority. Moving towards digital marketing now is crucial to getting a good ranking for the competitive advantage in the years ahead.



Online Buying Confidence Increases

Mobile and desktop conversion have increased. In 2016, we saw mobile conversions skyrocket. We predict this will continue to grow because google is changing their algorithm to rank mobile responsive sites first. Google is splitting its indexing (This was revealed to the world October 15th, 2016).

Social Means Money

Social Ad revenue is definitely going to grow in 2017 because we know people are more confident to buy online than ever before! Good marketing deals happen when you stay ahead of the curve. Mobile still has high opportunity for advertisers because people are still putting their money in print, TV, and radio. The graph below shows where consumers are spending their time (yellow bars). The blue is the ad spend that advertisers are investing. So basically, you have a fairly untapped market of people with boundless opportunities next year.

Percent of Time Spent in Media Versus Percent of Advertising Spending 2015 USA


Millennials Don’t Want to Talk to You

The best ways for business to connect with up and coming market segments are chatting, texting, and social media. They don’t want to be called on the phone. Considering this group of consumers is helping their grandparents do research and make online purchases, don’t think their buying power is less significant than their parent’s. Did we mention they also want instant information? Site load time is crucial in serving them the information they need on a landing page.

Well, we gave it to you straight, and you know more than you did before about the road ahead. If you’re looking for more direction on what to do with your new arsenal of knowledge, connect with Art Unlimited today! We’ve been helping businesses strategize their marketing since 1982.