How to Prepare you body shop for hail damage

When a storm rolls through your area, your body shop or collision repair business could have the opportunity to fill some slow times with repairs for hail damage. Here are some tips we’ve developed to help your digital presence shine after the storm has passed, and people are searching for repairs.

Your SEO Integration

Do you have a landing page on your website that talks about hail damage? What about information regarding how you help clients work with their comprehensive insurance company to get their repair moving quickly?

There are many questions people have regarding storm damage to their vehicle when looking to see if repair is an option. Try to answer as many of these questions as you can on your website. This information can be split up on multiple pages, or you can write about many of these questions in a blog.

This allows Google to consider your website as a reliable source for information regarding storm damage searches for vehicles. It will allow your site to be found higher in search results, and will offer as much helpful information to your customer as possible, moving them forward in the conversion journey.

Selecting Your Keywords

Try to start with 5 main keywords for your site that allow you to be found with various search requests. Usually these 5 keywords should correlate the main services you offer. With these keywords, start to pair any other words that might be found in search results.

Some examples are the following: Hail Damage, Car Repair, Dent Fix, Car Body Repair. Once you have built a strong presence for these specific keywords by using them in the content that you write (Note: written in a helpful way, not spammy!), you can start building out more words for your list.

Amplify Efforts Using Pay Per Click

Once you have a specific page with information regarding your hail damage repair services, you can utilize paid digital platforms such as Adwords to help boost your website visits. Your ads can link to the page that you would like your user to land on (landing page).

This landing page should have the following:

  • Clear information that matches the ad text which directed them to the page originally
  • A form to fill out for a free estimate or to contact you
  • Your address and phone number
  • A clear Call to Action (CTA) telling them to do something (such as fill out the form)

Here are some things your landing page should not do:

  • Have more than two or three prominent colors
  • Be completely different than the rest of your site
  • Have too much information (Remember, point to only one clear action!)

Additional Tip: Utilize Storm Reporting Notifications

There are many companies in the market today that offer storm emails to be sent to you based on your location preferences. This can be utilized to know exactly which zip codes, counties, or neighborhoods received the most amount of damage. You can use this information to limit your marketing efforts to select areas. This allows your paid ad spend to be less in Adwords, and your traditional marketing, such as door hangers or coupons to be more effective.

The Best Way to Get Hail Damage Business

Prepare before the storm hits. Have your traditional and digital marketing plans set in place prior to a storm. Be prepared by having a strong digital presence, answering your customer’s questions with the content on your website before they ask, and know the ideal customers you are targeting through your keywords and paid ads.

Need more help understanding how to get your website ready to recruit more storm damage repair work? Connect with Art Unlimited today to set up your free consultation!

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