Closing leads is a difficult business.  I would know. When I graduated from college, I panicked and took the first job that was offered to me….as a door to door salesman. It was not a good fit.  Fortunately, I learned some very valuable lessons about lead closure – and customer satisfaction – during those 3 miserable weeks.

Successful Salesmen Are Talented

To get rich, a salesman must be a smooth talker.  

To become truly successful, a salesman must be more than that.

He must balance smooth talking with honest answers. He must assess the other person accurately – and make an instantaneous decision concerning the route he will take to make the sale. Equally as important: he must represent a great product.

Successful Salesmen ALWAYS Follow Through

Representing a local roofing company requires you to also employ the fine art of creating a lasting relationship with your clients.

There are the simple paths that can (and should) be taken when possible: talking over a cup of coffee, mailing a card or brochure, making a follow-up phone call, etc. But when life gets busy and your perfect storm rolls in, let technology step in to offer valuable, efficient solutions.

Successful Salesmen Utilize Technology

Technology can help build the lasting relationships that, in turn, create higher closure rates.

Here are four different ways you can increase your lead closure & retention through Inbound Marketing techniques:

1. Craft the Perfect E-mail

Using e-mail marketing is a fantastic way to keep in communication with your audience. Inbound Marketing loves Newsletter services.  Newsletters can broadcast your message to a large audience simultaneously. However, since mass newsletter submissions do not have a personal feel, further refining of the process is necessary. Segment your e-mail lists into client personas, creating 2-5 lists with defined interests.  Only sending relevant information to each list will increase your personal touch.  

2. Workflows

How long has it been since you stopped and looked at your e-mail methods and engagement process?  Step back to observe the patterns. Mapping out the communication process is critical.  Through the e-mail communication, you are aware of the basic interests of your future clients.  Use this information to target their interests through a workflow that continually delivers quality information in an ongoing process.

The process may look something like this:

Newsletter > Link to Blog > Free eBook offer > Thank You Email > Link to Free Roof Inspection Form > Catchy Call-to-Action

To leverage a successful workflow, your company should compile a variety of resources and free offers that are designed to build trust, interest, and excitement in the goal you share with your client: to improve their home or business.

3. Lead Scoring

Many businesses simply receive a lead and quickly respond through e-mail or calling the user. This is a critical method and one that should always be used. However:

If the user doesn’t convert into a client, don’t let the lead die!

Through effective workflows, your prospect will have continual engagement.  As they progress, software (or a competent marketing team) can enable you to track the “lead scoring” of the user. Users that have 1-3 engagements might have a score of 20-30%, where users who have downloaded 4 white papers, e-mailed, and submitted an engagement form would soar to a lead score of 80-100%.

Lead scoring will help you to more accurately differentiate a “just looking” submission from one that is “ready to choose.”

4. CRM Integration

CRM integration enables a complete circle of information sharing.

Utilizing your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to connect with your website is a key element to harnessing engagement. Through CRM API (Application Programming Interface) keys, our team at Art Unlimited is able to connect website forms to directly feed information from the website. Although this is a growing facet of the internet, it requires frequent adjusting and programming to ensure a seamless integration of information.  Since it may not be available for all CRM platforms, contact your website management team for more information.

Through these four closure techniques your prospective client will learn about your company, your culture, and the values you believe in.  It’s setting the stage for customer delight!

To learn more about technology solutions for your lead closure process, contact our team at Art Unlimited. We service the online marketing needs of roofing contractors throughout the United States.

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