For today’s tip about marketing strategies for roofing contractors, we’d like to focus an integral component to a successful business: trust.

Trust is built on relationships and history. It requires commitment, staying around long enough for people to know who your background and ethics. Why do you need to include trust as a part of your marketing strategy?  With trust, your business can obtain positive online reviews, maintain current clients, and merit a great reputation in the community.

Here are our top tips for building trust:

Tip 1: Respond carefully to online reviews

There was a day in age when everyone knew everything through the party line phone system (if you don’t know what a party-line is, you are too young!). Today we are reverting to an online party-line phone approach: If a business upsets a customer, the customer will take their frustrations online and vent to the world! Also, if you delight a customer they will become an online raving fan! Figure out what makes those raving fans for your business and implement those tactics for each client.

When a customer publicly denounces your business, do you:
  ⟨ Snap back with a Snide Comment? (not trustworthy.)

  ⟨ Kindly reach out and offer to help fix their problem (trustworthy!)


Tip 2: Become ethically transparent

Show your company’s internal culture, work ethics and processes. While you don’t want to give away all your secrets, show enough to the world that you become human. The more clients see the process that creates a fantastic product, the more trust is built. Make sure your internal business workings are honest, ethical and above reproach.

An official investigator shows up at your company – what’s your first thought?
  ⟨ PANIC.  (trust denied)

  ⟨ OVERJOYED! You love to show off your business! (trustworthy!)

Tip 3: Become active in your community

Become involved in the communities you serve. Give employees volunteer opportunities in the communities you service. There are always ways to give back, people notice generosity and spread the news. Find solid community friendly charities, events, youth sports teams, or animal rescue organizations. Even if you are a young company, linking arms with solid historic non-profit organizations solidifies your business.

An opportunity arises for you to give back to your community.
  ⟨ Shrug. You can always donate next year.  (Do you only care about yourself???)

  ⟨ Yippee! Your team was looking for a chance to volunteer! (You are so trustworthy!)

Tip 4: Maintain Professionalism

Strive for the quality edge all the time. Image is everything! Make sure the staff has nice branded shirts, vehicles, pens, paper, notebooks and sales material. Carry this branding over online with a quality website and online experience. Don’t settle for the dirty, just-get-by, basic, we-will-do-it-later approach! Clean, professional and presentable from top to bottom!

If an outsider were to look in at your business’ presence, what would be their immediate reaction?
  ⟨ Dirt is everywhere. These guys have no self-respect! (difficult to trust)
  ⟨ Super Relaxed – nice people to work with, but they don’t seem very efficient. (ok trust)
  ⟨ So Professional!  I can tell they know what they are doing. (I could do business with these guys!)

Tip 5: A smile is worth a thousand words

Train everyone to smile! Anyone who answers the phone or interacts with clients must always have a smile. Receptionists who are always having a “bad day” reflect negatively on your business image. Have secret shoppers test your employees and give feedback on their helpfulness. Award employees who go the extra mile!

When talking about your clients, your employees typically say:
  ⟨ “Why do we even have clients?” (not trust-deserving)
  ⟨ “I got some work done today…in between clients…” (more deserving…)
  ⟨ “It always refreshes me to talk to our clients and remember why we do what we do!” (TRUST!)

Above all: don’t give up! Trust, a main component of a successful marketing strategy, is built from the top down through the company and is a journey as well as a destination!

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