Preparing Your Roofing Company for Emergency Storm Repairs

Storms are a part of nature. They are something that is bound to happen every so often. This is why it is important that your roofing business be prepared to act when calamity strikes. Business chaos can start to creep in as your phone starts ringing off the hook for emergency roofing calls. Here are some tips to keep your roofing business prepared to serve those in need of support in a professional and calming manner.

Optimize Your Google Business Listing

When storms occur, many times power is no longer available to homeowners. This means that many consumers are going to be trying to find your contact information and website using a mobile device. With the 2016 national roofing industry average for website traffic being 40% mobile, you can expect 50-80% being mobile during a storm (Stats from Art Unlimited’s Internal Data Tracking).

Your Google my Business listing should be optimized with the correct information users will need. For a Google my Business listing to be properly optimized, you should have click to call enabled within your listing, accurate business hours, and your physical address listed. Google found that “Nearly ⅔ of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from companies whose mobiles sites or apps customize information to their location.”

Answer Your Phone

It is imperative that you have someone manning all your calls during a storm emergency. Think with Google states “84% of smartphone users agree their smartphone searches are more focused on information they need immediately.” The need for an immediate response is going to be on hyper mode during an emergency situation. If you are not answering your phone, potential customers will be on to the next company search result to meet their need.

Make sure to be sympathetic and supportive on the phone for the caller’s mental need. Having a calm and reassuring voice is one of the biggest helps to callers who are already in a stressful situation. Affirm them; tell them they did the right thing by calling someone who can safely inspect the damage. Encourage them to wait for professionals with safety equipment to climb on their roof. Explain what they can expect. If you know there is going to be road flooding and downed power lines, ensure your team will be in communication with them about any setbacks that might occur in the process of attending to their home.

Have An Emergency Roofing Page

Your website should have clear information regarding your experience with servicing emergency roofing needs. Users need to know this is part of the services that you provide in an easy to access place. You should list your service area for emergency services and have any physical office addresses readily available. This can help with voice searchers that are looking for roof repair “near me.” Google has tracked the rise of “near me” searches for quite some time, and has found they are growing rapidly with a jump of 130% year over year.

Create an Online Authorization Process

Allowing searchers to authorize a visit to their home on your website can be incredibly helpful when trying to plan your que of service requests. It will also allow you to have users request assistance without tying up your phone lines. The more ways people can contact you the better. Tip! Posting a link on your social media platform to this form is also a great way to let people know you are ready to help them when they need it. Use the link in educational material about what to do after a storm hits your home on your blog, social media, etc.

Have Confirmation

Whether it’s a thank you page after they fill out a form, an email, or a phone call, make sure that your emergency repair customers are being followed up with. It is absolutely vital to let them know they have been heard, and their needs are being attended to. An Ipsos Lori Loyalty Report found that if you delight a customer they are 5x more likely to make another purchase than customers who are simply satisfied. No news is not good news in an emergency. In this situation, delight is equivalent to reassurance, they need to feel assured of your sincere concern for their situation.

Know Your Service Timeline

Have a schedule of the estimated damage requests and timelines for your team to reach homes in need. When people are calling in for a storm request, communicate honestly about the amount of damage to the area that could create a time lag in service due to other calls, but keep it hopeful! Let them know that they will be serviced as soon as possible, and if you can, give them an estimate of when they should expect the inspection team to arrive.

Give Them Homework

In any major storm, your que of emergency roofing calls can start to pile up quickly. Make sure that you have information available that can aid people in the meantime. If you don’t think you will be able to service their roof before the others on your list, empower your customers with things that they can be doing in the meantime before you arrive. This can mean clearing the area surrounding the roof for easier direct access or taking pictures of the perceived damage from the ground prior to your arrival. For a client, having something to do can give some peace of mind in knowing that they can ease part of the process or prevent further damage while they wait.

Show Your Commitment to The Community

Your website should show how long your business has been investing in the community. You should have information about how the community is important to you. There are dozens of fly by night operations chasing storms in order to make a fast buck. Reinstate your business’s commitment to remaining in business and helping the local economy. Flaunt your credentials and certifications by encouraging homeowners to avoid a contractor that does not have the proper licensing and insurance.

It is especially important during times of need for a community to be giving back. If you know of a non-profit in the area that has been instrumental in helping with storm relief efforts or a school or library in the community that has been badly damaged by the storm, consider having a promotion that donates money to one of these organizations for each repair contract signed.

Don’t Be Pushy

If you are going door to door in the community, make sure they know you are there to help if they have any questions about their roof. You can offer to do a free quick inspection of their roof right there to identify any serious safety concerns, but if they aren’t interested, MOVE ON. There is nothing worse than a roofing company that bashes other companies to get business if a homeowner is not convinced that you are the right business for the job.

You can give them your card, and refer them to your independent customer reviews on Facebook, Yelp, or Google. You want to be respectful of their time and their needs. Be helpful, provide trustworthy advice, and leave them feeling more empowered to make a wise decision than when you first approached them.

Make Insurance & Financing Information Readily Available

If you have insurance companies or financial institutions that you work with regularly on roofing jobs, make their contact information and possible necessary forms available on your website. If someone is already in contact with their insurance broker or financing options and sees that you are familiar with working together, they will have peace of mind knowing you will be able to guide them through the paperwork process to have everything completed correctly.

Coordinate Your Digital & Traditional Marketing Strategies

If you pound the pavement with fliers and mailers, make sure that the information is trackable. Set up a call tracking number to know how many emergency roofing calls are coming in from your traditional campaign. It is important to be able to measure this information because it will tell you if it’s working and how you should invest in marketing for the future. If you have two separate neighborhoods that have been affected by the storm. This is a perfect way to segment areas for A/B testing to see what version of your material is more effective.
We haven’t exhausted our options of storm preparation for your roofing business to be sure! However, we hope this list isn’t overwhelming when you think of all the things you need to set in place to be prepared to help customers to your best ability. If you need additional help mapping out your marketing materials and digital game plan for your storm campaign, we happen to help contractors across the nation with that very thing!

Contact Art Unlimited today to learn more about how we can assist your business gain and retain satisfied customers.

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