The 2014 Art Unlimited Raise the Roof Conference on January 6th & 7th was a HUGE success! Where else can you hold the most successful conference in -28⁰ F weather but in Northern Minnesota!

Day 1

Our first day of the conference was filled with presentations! Anna Anderson, Art Unlimited’s Project Manager, opened the conference with a Responsive Website Design presentation, which emphasized the importance of an optimized website for the many different sized devices in today’s competitive market. The rest of the day followed with presentations about social media trends, apps, search engine optimization and customer delight. The day was broken up with meals, discussion and getting to know one another. It was fantastic to have the opportunity to get to know our clients better and for them to have full access to our programmers, designers and marketing specialists.



We ended our day with a planning session to design custom storm marketing responses for our conference attendees. We realize that in the roofing & construction industry, responding to customers in a storm situation is a huge opportunity, but can be hectic and overwhelming. We wanted to help our clients take a plan away from the conference to make marketing in these situations as easy and successful as possible.








Day 2

On the second day of the Raise the Roof Conference, we were very excited for Casey Lockwood, Agency Specialist from HubSpot to join us. He opened our morning with a great presentation and overview of inbound marketing and how it could help each business. One of our participants, Ken Kelly, gave a wonderful presentation and demonstration of how he uses his customer relationship management system.

We were also able to focus on specific goals for each business through our one-on-one sessions. Sessions included forming a social media strategy, creating an SEO gameplan, discussing how to incorporate inbound marketing into their businesses, and a website and blog content brainstorming session. We also were able to have David Fralick, a very talented videographer, with us for the conference to create individual videos with each business!







To wrap everything up, Casey Lockwood gave an in-depth demonstration of HubSpot software.


 Fun in the Snow

Our Raise the Roof Conference wasn’t just all business! After a delicious lunch of wild rice hotdish, the second afternoon we were able to take our attendees out on sled dog rides. Even though the temperature was well below zero, they were all troopers and bundled up for the cold day and enjoyed themselves immensely.


A special thank you to Shirley and Dave for the wonderfully delicious meals that were prepared for the conference. The food was definitely one of the many highlights!

IMG_4803_Shirley IMG_4742_Dave

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