Live Feed Blog!

Today is not your average day at Art Unlimited. Here we are, gathered at Pehrson’s Lodge for another fantastic Raise the Roof Conference.

After a delicious breakfast here at the Lodge, we gathered together for some great presentations, kicking it off with our own Anna Anderson, Art Unlimited’s Project Manager.


Throughout the day, we spent time talking about the history and future of Marketing, the how-to’s of creating a quality video for your business, and Local Optimization.


Part of our schedule included spending one-on-one time with our roofing contractors – taking time to go in-depth with their questions, ideas, and solidifying a personalized marketing plan for their business.


Of course, inviting our roofing clients to Northern Minnesota must involve a special, local experience….so off we went to tour the state’s oldest underground mine – The Soudan Mine. Our hardy roofing contractors braved a trip into the lowest level of MN’s oldest, richest, and deepest mine – a full 2,341 ft underground.

We closed a successful day with delicious dinner, and the famous “Fireside Chat”.

One day down…and one more action and information-packed day to go, before we disperse – Art Unlimited workers back to Angora, and roofing contractors back to all corners of the United States.