Video continues to evolve as an incredible means of engaging current and future clients in online marketing.

Dr. James McQuivey of the elite Forrester Research team, said once that the value of a one minute video is equatable with 1.8 million words. Million. That might seem like an absurd exaggeration until each component is uncovered and analyzed.

The Components of a Good Video

Why can a video pack so much more of a punch than other types of content?  There’s the visual side, of course, that tells a story with rich imagery.  Then, there’s the audio – a properly mixed recording of voices, music, and sound effects, each designed to evoke an emotion or response from the viewer.  Lastly, there’s the underlying message that is conveyed through each of the components listed above.

Together, they are extremely effective.

Great ROI

From a strictly marketing perspective, the video must bring in new leads or retain old clients if it is to be considered a worthwhile effort.  Fortunately, there are statistics that indicate

70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium. (source)

Another study found that

Using video on landing pages can increase conversion rates by eighty percent. (source)

For your roofing company, this may also translate into increased productivity for your sales staff and customer service staff.

Increase Email Subscriber Base

Once you have the basic equipment and know how to pump out a great video, it’s time to start plotting where to put it. Landing pages and social media sites are an obvious choice.

One company that specializes in email marketing noted that, after adding a video into their introductory email message, subscriber opt-outs decreased by 75%. (source) A well-placed video can capture the attention of a viewer long enough to pique his/her interest about your company and services.

Increase Company Awareness

Videos can help distinguish your company from the next in terms of personality, commitment to quality, and roofing expertise.  Take, for example, this video featuring Ken Kelly of Kelly Roofing in Naples, FL.

In the video we not only have a face and personality to associate with Kelly Roofing, but we also take in a lot of family history.  By the end of this short video, the company is a lot more personable.

The other thing of note is that there are really no special effects in this video – just a basic white background and proper lighting.

Increase Product Awareness

There are many, many reasons to film a video.  Some of them are to promote your company’s name and reputation.  Others might highlight a community event that you have been involved in. This next video is a great example of a video that increases product awareness and trust. It might seem like an obscure reason to film, but 90% of online shoppers say they value the usage of video when it comes to making online shopping decisions and purchases.

This video is professionally made by GAF.  It is part of a multi-part video series that walks the viewer through an entire roofing project, from the initial consultation to the final walk through.


A Worthwhile Marketing Endeavor

Some roofing contractors have already opted to outsource their video production, while others have invested in it as a long-term goal. Since video is projected to continue to grow as an integral marketing component, our team has set up a video package service that is designed to train clients in the fundamentals of film production as well as provide them with one professionally-produced video to use for their company.

To learn more, contact our team directly at Art Unlimited.

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