How To Simplify Your Company Message With StoryBrand

Have you been wondering how to grow loyalty for your business? Are you frustrated with having different messages across platforms? This blog will introduce you to StoryBrand, a well-defined way to understand and create your message before it gets shared with your audience. I’ll take you through what it is and how it affects marketing, then cover where StoryBrand is used and dive into the framework and how it works to give you a clear, strong message.

StoryBrand History

We humans love a good story, right? Each story has basic elements to draw the reader in and keep them invested in the outcome. Great writers craft narratives which invite the reader to become invested in the story.

The process we know as StoryBrand was named so by Donald Miller. He realized there was a simple formula to all content -whether movies, music, books, or marketing- which made it naturally more compelling. Keeping your message simple, about the audience, and telling them what action you want them to take will help any complex message become understandable.

As Donald Miller investigated what he was seeing, he built a framework for his content. He knew it was too good to keep to himself so he shared it in his book Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen. Using this method, or framework, can help any message you want to create be heard and understood by your audience.

Marketing Your Story

Using the StoryBrand framework builds out your message in the background. This gives you a script to pull from when you need to write anything for your business, from emails to speeches to website content, blogs, and ads. This is a great tool to build brand loyalty, drawing the audience into the story with a clear invitation to join the party.

Think about the commercials and websites you appreciate. Do they tell a story and draw you in? Do you know what you need to do to get that product or service? How does it make you feel? They more than likely send a clear message about the product or services offered and make it easy to understand how to get them. This is why using the StoryBrand framework is so important to use in any messaging a company wants to share with their audience.

StoryBrand is a great tool to build brand loyalty, drawing the audience into the story with a clear invitation to join the party. Source: Art Unlimited

Make Your Message Easy to Understand

One thing which stood out to me as we were learning more about StoryBrand and how to put it into action for our clients is the research about marketing and burning calories.

Did you know encountering ads and figuring out what the creators want you to do can consume calories? When an ad or content is confusing, it causes the reader to ‘spend’ more calories, even if your service or product is the best. If a competitor’s message is clear(er), the reader will hire them because they didn’t need to think so hard. Let’s face it – we all like easy, right? When you exert the energy to simplify your message, potential customers won’t have to and will be more likely to hire you over another company. 

What To StoryBrand

If you’re getting excited about StoryBrand and how it could help you share your company’s message, you may be wondering where to start. And how far to go. Here are just a few reasons why you should start:

  • Make your message easy to understand
  • Eliminate confusion in your messaging
  • Invite your audience to join your cause
  • Raise loyalty to your brand

This means you need to be all-in on StoryBrand. Using it in anything you create forms a cohesive message so people aren’t confused about what you stand for or what you offer. Beginning this journey will affect every aspect of your business:

  • Emails
  • Phone calls
  • Flyers, business cards, or any other printed materials
  • Yard signs and billboards
  • TV and radio ads
  • Website content

StoryBrand Framework

Now that we’ve talked a bit about the background of StoryBrand, let’s go over the basics of the framework. Each element works together to create a complete script for your company. Additionally, the elements can be used in different combinations to create a set of cohesive marketing components to drive your success through the roof.

  1. Hero and Guide. Every story has many characters, but the two main ones are the Hero and the Guide. When you think about Karate Kid, Daniel is the Hero of the story. He would be your target audience. He needed a Guide, Mr. Miyagi, to help him overcome his three-tiered problem. In the story you build, you are Mr. Miyagi for your audience. When you watch the movie, how much of Mr. Miyagi do you hear about? Next to nothing. You know why he has empathy with Daniel and the authority he has to help Daniel. Everything else is about Daniel. This is how your company messaging should be.
  2. Transformation. The Hero always has a character transformation after working with the Guide. As you build your messaging, what is the way your target audience would want to feel after your help? How did Daniel transform after Mr. Miyagi helped him?
  3. There is a Problem. Each problem comes in three parts and ties to the transformation of the Hero. First, the external problem. What is happening in their life which causes them to need your service or product? 
  4. We have a Plan. As the Guide, you need to have a plan. The audience needs to understand this plan in just a few steps. Listing each step will overwhelm your Hero and cause them to shut down or look elsewhere for help. What are the main three steps needed to start and finish? It could look like this: 1. Call us. 2. Hire us. 3. Enjoy life.
  5. Success vs Failure. Your messaging needs to share what your audience will experience when they work with you (success). How will their life be better? This list can be 5-8 ways they will experience success, though you wouldn’t share each one in every part of your marketing. Sharing the failure, or what life would look like if they DON’T work with you should be kept short (2-3 ways their life will get worse). Using these in the right way can go a long way in helping them envision working with you. 

As a marketing company, we recognize the value of how we share the services and products of our clients. We are using the StoryBrand framework to provide a more in-depth content strategy for clients and can help simplify the process for you. Want to learn more? Connect with us to see how we can help you clarify your message so you can grow your brand loyalty. We are ready to collaborate with you on your marketing strategy so you can conquer your marketing goals.