How to Capture the Best Social Media Photo

 How to Take the Best Photo for Your Social Media Channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Taking pictures for social media can be intimidating, but knowing how to capture your photo can actually make a huge impact on the final result of your image. Here are 7 tips to keep in mind when trying to capture the best photo for social media

1. Utilize Light

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That golden hour of the day with the perfect honey colored light, can be hard to come by (especially in a time crunch or on a cloudy day).

You can implement lighting strategies to get dramatic effects or increase the clarity of your photo.  

2. Don’t Get Too Edgy

Take the Best Photo for Your Social Media. Digital Marketing on Social Media

Keep the focus of your photo inside the a subframe. Sometimes It’s best to imagine the edges of your photo as being the mat that complements the focus.

3. Designate a Focal Point

Digital Marketing tips for Social Media photos. Take good pictures for Facebook.

Think about how you are directing the eye of your viewer.

All aspects of your photo should point the viewer to your focus without drawing them away from the photo due to distracting edges.

4. Feel the Difference

Take great photos for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other Social media.

If there are elements of your picture that would make you want to reach out and touch them with curiosity, you’re getting the hang of texture.

5. See the Difference

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram photo tips for digital marketing on social media.

Texture can also be utilized by having a variety of patterns, sizes, and shapes.

This can create an appealing interplay between the different dynamics of your photo. Creating contrast, creates interest.

6. Get Inspired

 How to Take the Best Photo for Your Social Media

Have you ever gone on a walk with someone who finds the most simplistic things a joy?

Or who stops to watch a snail crawl across the sidewalk? Seeing things from that perspective can resemble what simple joys can spark your creativity.

Try looking at something upside down or from an aerial viewpoint.

7. Are Odds In Your Favor?

Here are three things that you can do to utilize odds in your photos: 

A. Trick the Eye

Awesome Photo for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media

Separating your image into thirds allows you interact with the brain in a way that makes your image aesthetically pleasing. The rule of thirds breaks an image up with 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines like a grid.

Placing the focal points of the image on one of these lines, instead of in the center, will look more natural to the human eye.

B. Arrange Your Layout Oddly

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pictures for Your Social Media Marketing

When you have more than one object to use in your photo, have an odd number.

For some odd reason (pun intended), three is better than two, and five is better than four.

C. Create Depth

Digital marketing tips for photos on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Depth can be a difficult concept when developing an image.

Thinking about depth in 3 parts can be helpful. There’s your foreground, midground, and background.

Pick one as your focus and utilize the others as complementary prop placements to your focus.


Hope these were helpful tips for you in producing great images for social media! If you’re looking for additional social media help, connect with Art Unlimited today!