The Free Website Google Made For Your Business

Just when being able to afford a website seemed out of reach, Google came through for your small business. Yay for the little guy! Today we’re going to be talking about the awesome opportunity you have to build a website within your Google Business Listing. Keep in mind, this is going to be the bare minimum type of website, because Google makes you a landing page that can be connected to your Google Business Listing. Here’s how it works.

In Order to Get The Most Out of Your Web Page You will Need:

Tell Me More About These Google Websites

Google has been testing this out for a little bit, and there are quite a few options to help your business use this landing page website. With a little finagling, you can make your landing page look beautiful. Here is a shot of one that we completed to test it out!

New Google Landing Page

What’s that little footer notification? Google has already notified all users that your website is using cookies to make it compliant with the new data privacy rules on across the web!

How Do I Access My Google Web Page?

You can log into your Google My Business account and find the section called “website” within the left sidebar menu. It will begin to generate the website automatically (but don’t worry; it won’t be published yet).

Accessing Google Website Through Google My Business

What Can I Do With This Google Website Landing Page?

There is a text editor within your landing page where you can enter information to make your page informative on what you do, where you are, etc. Google will automatically pull in your location, phone number, and hours of operation if you have optimized your Google Business Listing. You can add posts to your Google Business Listing that can be seen within the search page of Google and will appear in the “updates” section of your landing page. If you add more photos to your listing, you can select which ones you would like to display within your landing page.

The Call to Action (CTA) of your page can be customized in a number of ways. It could say “Call,” or “Set up an appointment,” “Sign Up,” etc. This allows you to help your users complete one specific task on their desktop or mobile device. Who knew your new website would be mobile friendly too?

Allowing Customer To Message You

Within your Google Business Listing, there is the option to turn on messaging. This lets customers contact you straight from your listing. This does, however; require you to be on top of responding to your customers through this line of communication to display professionalism. This is just like having someone submit a form on your website requesting information, except spammy bots haven’t figured out how to fill it out and make themselves annoying (yet)! Getting direct communication from your customers and showing them you’re ready to help has major benefits for your business.

How To Connect A Domain Name To Your Google Business Listing

If you know you’ll be adding a full website someday, if might be beneficial to purchase a domain name now. Did you know that Google is now entering the domain purchasing market? Neither did we, until they started developing their website pages further! You can purchase a domain for your website that will be connected to your Google landing page in the “More” section of your website page. Google makes it very simple and affordable, and when you’re ready to create a full website, you’ll already have an ideal domain name reserved.

Note: if you don’t want to purchase a domain name, the default one connected to your Google My Business Listing landing page is still tidy and recognizable.

Publish Your Google Business Website!

Once you have your page set up the way you like it, you’ll be able to publish your listing website to the internet. It will automatically be connected to the website button within your Google Business Listing for customers to access. You now have a professional appearance to keep your business looking sharp!

Once you find your business has grown further to need a full website, you can choose to unpublish your landing page and connect your new website. In the meantime, we recommend building your customer reviews and continuing to create posts within your Google Business Listing to show up higher within search results.

Questions & Marketing Help For Your Business

Building your Google Business Listing website can be a first step to getting your business digitally visible to your customers. If you need assistance claiming your listing, or with ongoing marketing to drive customers to your business, we are here to back you up! We’d love to meet with you about your business growth goals, and help you set a game plan to nail them. Call us today!