Art Unlimited's Top 10 Read Marketing Blogs of 2018


With 2018 now behind us, I went spelunking into our most visited blogs of 2018. This was quite a trip down memory lane, looking at how things have changed in digital marketing. Here is a look back at our Top Ten Marketing Tip blogs.

Google Update of Panda 4.0

This hungry little Panda is after duplicate content, automatically generated content, and spam. If it finds these things on a website, the rank will drop so fast your head may spin.

Good SEO is like starting seeds. Keywords need to be nurtured in order to grow and the best results come from organic content and patience.

8 Solutions To Your Social Media Management Problems

This is all about solving problems when it comes to Social Media Management. There are 5 issues in total, each with 1-2 solutions. And bonus: the solves are all free, at least for the basic software versions! Reaching out a marketing expert is also a step to reduce your social media management woes.

Top 5 Marketing Tips from Big Brands

Whether you are a small business or resort or a large corporation, marketing is needed. We took a look at what five big brands were doing right in their marketing. We then translated their wins into something doable for any small business – without the 5 million dollar price tag!

5 Social Media Ideas for Roofing Companies

Let’s face it…sometimes it’s hard to think of something ‘new’ to use for social media. While these five tips are geared towards roofers, these tips aren’t limited to roofers. Any business with a social media presence could put these into practice. And within these 5 tips are a myriad of fresh ideas to keep customers engaged.

Basic HTML Coding: WordPress Shortcodes

The last of a ten-part series, this post is still going strong! We are familiar with shortcodes because we use them every day. However, we know that isn’t the case for everyone. HTML can be daunting to a new user, so we shared some of our knowledge to make using them a bit easier.

Thou Shalt Not Target – Facebook’s New Audience Policies

There isn’t a business with a Facebook page which didn’t target their audiences. This post is about the changes Facebook put in place, what it means for those who use Facebook in marketing, and tips to keep your cool as everything changes.

How To Calculate Your Lead Value In Under 8 Minutes

Let’s face it. I’m a Numbers Girl. Spreadsheets are my jam to keep everything organized. Whether numbers make you feel warm and fuzzy or not, this post can help simplify your Lead Value Calculations.

How AMP Boosts Your Website

This post is all about AMP. What it is, how it works, and results from testing it out. If you’re wondering how AMP can work for your website speed, check it out!

The Importance of Server Performance

Here at Art Unlimited, we like testing new things out. It helps us bring greater value to our clients and sometimes what we find are so interesting we need to share it. This test is all about how the location of your website server can affect your website. We were able to show that having a local server not only had fewer outages but allowed 10-20% more traffic through. Wow!

Art Unlimited Named 100 Best Companies to Work for in Minnesota for 2nd Year!

All I can say is WOW! It is such an honor to be in this select group of employers across Minnesota. We know how important it is to allow our employees to grow in their positions and have fun while working hard. We are also committed to helping our community become better for now, which benefits all.


And so ends our 2018 blogging journey. It was a fun year of learning and growing. We are looking forward to 2019 with anticipation. And plenty of new posts and tests to share with you! Have a blessed New Year. We’ll see you next year.