5 Digital Marketing Resolutions to Increase 2017 Traffic

Your rush is finally done, and you are starting to have time again. Now onto those tasks you’ve been putting off while your business was crazy! Some of these tasks, like your online presence, can seem a little daunting. Figuring out how to plan your upcoming year with your website marketing can be a challenge. Here are some tips to get you on track and keep you rolling, even during your busy season.


During your slower season, you’ve got time to start working on developing content to post on your blog. Implementing blogging for your site allows you to have more content for Google to read. New content helps with your search-ability, keywords, and overall ranking. Keeping your site updated makes Google interested in crawling your new posts (Google likes to see people on top of things with their website) that offer relevant information to those searching for specific queries that match what your blog focuses on, and increase your keyword matching through the information you provide. The best part about this? You can write them all now and post your blogs year round!

Develop a Keyword Strategy

Keyword strategies go right along with your blogging strategy because they can be used together! When you develop a set of keywords that you want your site to be found with, keep in mind that simpler words are normally harder to rank for. The word “Resort” for example is a keyword you should always be optimizing in your site, but just the word, “resort” alone cannot get you very far in search rankings. Using long tail keywords when you write can be vital to your search-ability.

You will also be able to be found more specifically when someone searches your term. Here’s an example: A resort owner wants to rank his site using keywords regarding the special services that make them unique. The resort owner would then pick keywords using the word resort, but in a longer, more specific expression: “Resort Dog Sledding Rides” or “Private Shiatsu Massage” with “Resort Masseuse.” When you make a longtail keyword, there will be a lot less people competing for that exact search query and will make it more probable that Google will rank you higher in search results related to that user’s intent.

Get Social

Though it’s important to be posting on social media all year long, you can start to schedule your posts for your busy season now using programs such as Buffer, Hootsuite, or TweetDeck. Make sure that your followers are seeing the beauty of your resort and the fun people are having all year round. Use those instagram pictures of the perfect cup of hot chocolate during your winter months, by tagging your resort location. Make sure guests know that they can tag your resort in their posts as well. Encourage engagement with your guests by displaying your resort twitter handle, special hashtags, and how they can follow you on social media in your main lodge or lobby.

Test Your Forms

This is, by far, one of the most important parts of your site. If you have a contact us form, you need to make sure that you are running tests on it all year long. This ensures you will be aware of an issue as soon as it occurs. Being able to handle a broken form quickly can be the difference between a happy customer and no customers at all. It is important to set up a schedule to test your forms at least once a month, more often is better. Testing forms is as simple as going to your website, filling out the contact forms and confirming they arrive in your email. Setting it into your monthly tasks ensures it will be working properly or fixed quickly if a problem arises.

Test Your Booking Calendar

When customers come to your site and find that your reservation calendar is not functioning properly, it can be a subconscious indication that there may be other issues at your resort. Make sure that your booking calendar is showing the correct information about availability and that your process for submitting a reservation is working correctly. Make sure the widget or plugin you are using for your calendar is updated and working well. Confirming there are no conflicts with the other additional parts of your website is important to keeping everything functioning properly. Scheduling time to test and update this part of your website is crucial to your sales process and should not be neglected. You could even schedule your calendar and form test for the same day to knock them out at the same time!

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