There is a fine line between a personalized business and one that just looks…unprofessional. Are you walking that line?

Since success in the tourism industry relies heavily on your ability to throw out a personalized offer to a generic, non-personal group of potential visitors, it is important to maintain a proper balance between your unique offer and the current trends in the travel industry. Here are a few tips to follow:

Stay Current on the Latest Fashion Trends

Stay Current!There are hotspot travel destinations that change according to time of year, the age bracket, and what the big name marketers have been up to. If your typical visitors are of a certain age or income bracket, find out where they get their inspiration (Note: this requires a bit of research, but is very doable for the average Google-searcher).

If the latest trend is Paris, ask yourself: why Paris? Is it the European experience? Is it because they speak French? The food?

Read up on the appeal, and work that into the wording on your website, flyers, and brochures – you name it.

A little Midwest resort can still play into the trends with sentences like “Our in-house breakfast buffet offers incredible omelets and the best bakery items this side of Paris.”

It should be subtle. But it may help.

Use Local Lingo Intentionally

u betchaEveryone wants to be a part of something unique. Using local lingo can be permissible when done intentionally, and when you provide context so the reader isn’t completely lost.

In fact, I once decided to check out a mostly unappealing house because of an intriguing sentence “The house sits at the edge of a small lake known to the locals as Angel Lake.”

Wait, the locals call it that? What do other people call it? (And yes. I bought the house.)

Using local lingo helps add to the overall experience. Use it well. Use it wisely.

Be Discerning With Your Pictures

We say this again and again: pictures are good. Use pictures. Use lots of them. Oh, but like everything: use them with a strategy.

Spoiler alert: you may think every picture of your resort and guests is worth featuring on your website. Unfortunately, no one else agrees.

Take a lot of pictures, and feature only the ones that truly convey your message. If your message is “family fun,” then prominently display images that portray what a family having fun at your resort looks like.

When trying to decide between two similar photos, look at the details. For example, these two pictures:

man by a lake

Basically the same picture. But with a simple outfit change and focus – a change in appeal, as well. Which would best portray the tone of your resort?

Spend Time on Your “About Us” Page

Are You UniqueSurprisingly (or not so much), this page tends to be one of the most-visited on a company’s website.  Why?  Because it is an easy way for your website visitor to find out what makes your resort different.  A company that does this well: Frost River. They send a clear message on exactly what it is that sets them apart.

Lastly: Think Outside the Box!

Innovation can provide incredible results.  But your success depends on how well you know your market, how willing you are to invest in your innovative ideas – and how much fun you are willing to have along the way.

Case in point: Iceland’s Ask Gudmundur.

And with that – best of luck on your new, personalized, resort marketing tactics.  Bon voyage, mes amis!

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