Travel marketing is a competitive business, but you can attract visitors with a few tricks of the trade. There are five basic elements to increasing tourist traffic to your website. Although they may seem obvious, isolating and focusing on these marketing elements will give each of them more effectiveness.

Attracting out of state guests to your resort may seem like a challenge, but with a few strategically placed keywords, a little optimization, and some great promotion, new visitors can find you from anywhere in the country.

1 – Target Potential Visitors

We say this a lot, but it is integral to your success: focus your efforts on your specific target market.  

Families with young children – First dedicate time and space on your site to services that target specials for children under a certain age, or free dining for children. Use terms like “family friendly” and “family vacation”.

Adults without children – using terms like “adult vacation,” “quiet atmosphere,” and “relaxing get-away” will serve you better than terms like “family friendly.” Provide information about your quiet suites or amazing golf packages.

2 – Promote Your Location

Why is your area a vacation destination? Do you have soft sand beaches or miles of cross country ski trails?

These are things potential guests might search for. Answer their questions about what local activities are available or what events take place in your area. Reference your area by city and state where you can. Local Optimization can help you rank higher in search results for your specific geographic location.

3 – Provide Information

Identify guest needs before they need them.

Do you offer free WIFI, water sports, or fresh towels daily? How about boat rental or fishing equipment? Make sure you have dedicated space for this type of content. Not only will this help separate you from the rest of the resort pack, it will provide your guests with information they are seeking.

4 – Promote Your Website

Blog, utilize social media, start an email campaign! The more great content you offer, the more likely it is that you will be shared, liked or tweeted

Get the word out that your resort, inn, or B&B is the best place to stay. Make a name with your name.

5 – Provide Great Customer Service

Great reviews are your best friend. In fact,

90% or customers say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. (

Potential guests want to know what the experience is like before they experience it. Reviews will make that happen. The comments and reviews of satisfied guests are your best asset. Encourage guests to fill out review forms, then promote and display those reviews.


When you put these five elements to work for you, your potential guests will find you from all over. You will find that attraction through your travel marketing efforts is worth every ounce of promotion. For more information about travel marketing, please contact Art Unlimited today.