Keeping up appearances is as important in your professional life as it is in your personal life.  And, since it takes only 7 seconds for a first impression to register, your window of opportunity is, well, 7 seconds long.

In the travel and tourism industry, every impression you make has huge repercussions – from online reviews to personal recommendations, the people you come in contact with will either support your resort or dismiss it entirely.

Here are some key “first impression” areas that should be fine tuned and optimized before being made visible to the public:

Your Website

You knew we were going to start with this one.  But then, with the vast majority of travel planning taking place online – it is your #1 tool to bring in guests.

What makes a great first impression on a website?

  • Design & layout
  • Informative content
  • Vibrant images
  • Mobile-friendliness

Your Online Reviews

Consumers love looking up reviews.  It’s often the only way to determine whether a company’s claim: “we have the best product in the industry!” is true.  How are your resort’s online reviews?

Unfortunately, people are more apt to leave a review if the experience is negative.  Your challenge, then, is to counter this by promoting positive reviews.

Your Print Marketing – brochures, ads, etc.

Professionalism stands out, whether you are a fishing guide, construction company, or a resort owner.  Your brochures and pamphlets reveal how much effort you are willing to invest in your resort.  To a potential guest, it also reveals how much effort you are willing to invest in the comfort of their stay.

If your budget is short, consider enlisting the help of a graphic design student at a local college.  They will appreciate the addition to their portfolio, and you will receive a great design.

Your Communication

Any point of contact you have with your visitors should be examined:

  • Business hours should be clearly posted and updated whenever necessary.
  • Your answering machine message should be clear, concise, and welcoming.
  • Business emails should be professional, grammatically correct, and contain a signature with your name, your business name, and alternate contact information

Your Tagline or Mission Statement

Adding a tagline to your business name or logo helps to direct the first impression.  Make it short, simple, and meaningful. Avoid obscure phrasing. Puns can be utilized, but only if tasteful and extremely obvious.

Examples of good resort taglines:

Where luxury meets the wilderness.
A rustic adventure.
Fishing, hiking, and family fun.

It’s Up to You

Marketing your resort is a fun endeavor.  There are standard marketing strategies that make up the foundation of your efforts (SEO, content marketing, lead generation, etc.).  There are also vast opportunities for personalization and originality.

The reputation of your resort lies in your hands.


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