Our last few blogs discussed the specifics of marketing a roofing company.  In this next series of articles, we are going to look at marketing the travel industry, especially resorts; examining their goals, problems that may arise, and solutions to these problems.  

The Fundamental Goals of a Resort

The business module of most resorts is centered on two very basic goals:  

Goal 1: Make sure guests have a comfortable stay. 
Goal 2: Make sure guests return and bring their friends.  

Management, customer service, and facilities dictate whether or not your guests are privy to a comfortable stay at your resort.  

But how do you encourage your customers to choose your resort when they return to the area?  

Capture Their Attention…Online

The best way to capture the attention of former and future visitors is through your website. This is typically the first stop for people who are researching and planning their trip or vacation.

When someone arrives at your website, what do they see? A sparse sentence or two of information? Or do they find valuable content that helps them get to know what your resort is really about?

One great way to flesh out your website is by adding a blog. 

A blog is a website (or portion of a website) that contains frequently updated content about a specific topic or keyword

Blog posts are incredibly valuable in capturing the attention of your online visitors, making your website more credible to online serach engines (like Google) giving you the edge against your competitors.  In fact, the newest studies indicate that 95% of businesses with a blog report higher search rank (HubSpot). 

What’s Worth Blogging About? 

Anything! Keeping people who have stayed at your resort informed about current and future events keeps them wanting to come back.  Answer the most basic question “What’s the weather like up there?”  

A lively blog piques the imagination of your visitors, and offers a point of contact between you and your clients.  It helps them view your resort as a part of their personal lives.  

Blog Ideas for Resorts 

Here are a few ideas that may help get the wheels turning: 

Talk about the weather: “5 Tips to Staying Warm when It’s 20 Below Zero! 

Talk about your resort features: “News Update: We Now Have a Sauna! 

Talk about your plans: “We’re Building a Fishing Dock! 

A new, prospective visitor may wonder whether pictures of cabins and lists of amenities on your website are truly depicted. (I’ve stayed at quite a few places whose online presence was extremely misleading).  

However, a helpful blog post entitled “Fishing Tips for Beginners” may be the deciding factor that wins over a young father who’s hoping to teach his little ones the basics of fishing during their summer vacation.

Easy and Affordable?

Absolutely. Pick a blog length of 300-400 words. Take an hour to sit down and write about what’s going on at your business. Don’t be sales-y when you’re marketing the travel industry: be newsy. Take a photo detailing a portion of your resort to feature in the blog post, and call it a day!

The more you write, the easier it will become.

(By the way, what IS the weather like over there?)

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