• Local Numbers – Local numbers have a higher conversion rate, and now your marketing campaigns can be tracked through a local number! You can even purchase a 888, 877 and 866 numbers.
  • Visitor & Keyword-Level Tracking – Call tracking allows us to understand the volume of new leads vs. returning customers.  We are also able to see what keywords people are converting through, making your overall digital campaign just that much stronger!
  • Campaign-Level Tracking – Although our efforts center around digital marketing, if you need other call tracking lines just let us know.  It is a great way to track lead sources such as direct mail campaigns, radio, print ads, billboards etc.
  • Analytic Dashboard – Through the analytic dashboard you can see the call tracking performance, visual trends and even listen to call recordings.  *Monthly fee applies
  • E-mail Notices – Receive emails when leads are coming in, or just a weekly re-cap message.
  • Caller ID – If your caller has caller ID you will know exactly what customer called for stronger tracking of lead touchpoints.
  • Whisper Messages – Receive a short message that only you will hear before answering the phone.  This will enable your team to know in an instant the lead source and trigger a call response process locally if desired.
  • Google Analytic & AdWord Integration – This is where your marketing team gets geeky and can use the call tracking data to enhance your campaigns and possibly increase future conversions!
  • Simulcall – Send calls to up to 10 phones simultaneously, enabling the call to be answered faster.
  • SIP Routing – Connect with an existing VoIP phone system.

Digital Marketing Package Includes:

  • One Trackable Phone Line
  • 2,000 minutes
    • Additional minutes will be charged at $0.05 rate per minute
    • These minutes do not apply towards other lines if added.
  • Online dashboard to see tracking data
  • Additional tracking numbers available for $5 per line

Digital Data Access Pricing:

  • 1-50 Calls = $15.00 monthly
  • 51-100 Calls = $25.00 monthly
  • 101-150 Calls = $35.00 monthly
  • 151-250 Calls = $55.00 monthly
  • 251+ Calls = $60 monthly

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