As a White Ivy client, you have the choice to transfer to Art Unlimited or find another hosting provider. We currently are helping to preserve the digital assets of all the companies that contracted with White Ivy over the years. Otherwise, many businesses would have been without their websites.

If you choose to transfer your hosting to Art Unlimited, you may and acknowledge that you are becoming an Art Unlimited client and agree to the following hosting fees listed below (e-mail fees only apply if White Ivy managed your email accounts). This agreement also includes a 1 year price lock on Art Unlimited’s standard hourly rate for any additional services requested.


  • Annual High-Performance Security and Hosting: $453.40
  • Annual Domain Renewal: $36.50*
  • Annual Email Renewal: $45.00 per e-mail**
  • 1 Year Price Lock on hourly fee for additional work requests: $100 an hour

*Domain renewal fee will not be required until your domain needs to be renewed.  

** Only applies to accounts for which we set up and manage email

If you choose to seek a different hosting provider, please fill out the form and choose this option from the form’s drop down menu. We are more than willing to help you move in whatever direction you find best for your business.

If you choose to move forward with Art Unlimited, we will transfer your website to our secure servers with your approval and website hosting payment. If you have any specific questions please call or email us, we are happy to help!

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your business’s needs. Thank you so much for your patience in this transition process!


White Ivy Client Transfer Approval

  • By filling out this form you are accepting the transfer of your accounts to Art Unlimited as an Art Unlimited client. You are therefore accepting any billing and fees that may occur as a result of your contract with Art Unlimited.