Lead conversion just got easier. With the ability to customize options for customers, your lead funnel gets wider.

With the Decider Pro, you have the ability to fully customize your customers’ options and available services to ensure they are aware of all that you can offer them. The Decider Pro allows a customer the opportunity to get a quick estimate for their products or service, in a low-pressure environment. The Decider Pro also offers the opportunity for you to contact them with a more customized estimate upon their request.

Tools to Educate Potential Clients

The Decider Pro comes with all customizable features of information that allows you to educate your customer about your products, and recommendations that allow your website user to become more educated on options and services. The Decider Pro is built to work in tandem with the feedback your sales team gives to help customers understand what to look for in an estimate before they start calling different businesses for similar information.

Converting to Comfort

An educated customer has a higher probability of conversion. According to Google’s Consumer Barometer, 52% of customers look for prices on a website while researching a purchasing decision. With the Decider Pro, you are able to display a general estimate for services rendered, based on the quality of the products you have to offer. You also have the ability to calculate these prices by the criteria you select.

Higher Conversions for Higher Return

Have you ever had sales team members say, “If they only knew the quality and effort that we put into our projects, they would want to go with us.” Now your customers can learn that! Using the Decider Pro to explain the different elements that go into a project can help your sales team convert faster on an estimate call.

We strongly recommend having your sales team help design your Decider’s content in order to make their lives easier. The best part about the Decider Pro is that it gathers leads for your sales team to follow up on.


Lead Capturing

Using the Decider Pro as a lead capturing tool allows you to understand what options a customer is interested in before reaching out to them. Whenever a customer requests an email copy of their estimate, their information is captured within a form and submitted to you for further review. Allowing customers to get a low-pressure introduction to your business, can make requesting further information from your team an easy transition!

Inbox Notification of Lead Capture

Whenever a customer completes the Decider Pro form, the summary of their estimate and their contact information is sent straight to the email inbox of your choice. (More than one inbox can receive the form if requested.)

Mobile Friendly

With 77% of the U.S. adult population owning a smartphone, the Decider Pro is designed responsively to fit desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

The Decider Pro is designed to flow through a seamless experience for a smartphone user, leading up to a calculated estimate that can be saved via an email summary.

Custom Development

Full customization of the Decider Pro is available to ensure the color tones, images, and products integrate with your business’s identity. This allows the user to have a cohesive experience, and not feel as if they have been directed out of your website during the estimate process.

Product Specific Information to Increase Efficiency

Within the Decider Pro, you have the opportunity to offer as many roof colors and product features as you like. We recommend that this flow of information compliment your sales team’s efforts. As your sales team finds common questions being asked by customers, that information can be answered within the Decider Pro to help prep customers for their point of contact with your team.

Form Submission Usage & Storage

Stored contact information can be used in further marketing efforts. This is why all form submissions are stored in a backend database to ensure they can be retrieved. If you would like to export a list of submissions, we are more than happy to send you a csv file upon request.


Set Up

The price associated with your initial setup for the decider will vary based on your needs and customization options.  Click HERE to get started with your personalized estimate.

Ongoing Maintenance

Processes, sales information, products, services etc. in your business are constantly changing and may need to be updated. The Decider Pro can be as flexible as your business. You can do additional updates whenever you have a request. Updates to your Decider can be completed by the development team on a bill per request basis, or you have the option to include a yearly Decider Pro support package. This allows you to send your requests on an ongoing basis without having to go through an approval process for each estimate.

The Maintenance Support Plus Package Includes:

  • Monthly Full Backups
  • Decider Form Testing
  • Monthly Performance Reports
  • No Contract
  • Automatic Upgrades to the Decider Platform
  • 30 Minutes of Support/Month
  • Banked Hours (up to 3 months)

The Maintenance Support Pro Package Includes:

  • Monthly Full Backups
  • Decider Form Testing
  • Monthly Performance Reports
  • No Contract
  • Automatic Upgrades to the Decider Platform
  • 45 Minutes of Support/Month
  • Banked Hours (up to 6 months)


We are committed to ensuring the Decider Pro continues to be compatible with the changing internet space. We regularly review the performance of the Decider to ensure the current version is consistent with search engine and browser requirements needed to provide a quality customer experience.


The Decider Pro is connected to your website through files stored on your website hosting server. When we set up the Decider Pro, we will request access to your hosting account. If you host with Art Unlimited as a client already, you are off the hook! We will take it from here!

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