Are you Art Unlimited’s next Intern?

This is an on-site position located at our office in Angora, Minnesota. This year we also have the possibility of two (2) interns. Additional details will be discussed with interested applicants.

Do you need college internship credits? We offer summertime, semester-long, and short-term internship opportunities at Art Unlimited.

If you are going to school for marketing, graphic design, business, computer science, programming or other related field, you can gain valuable experience at Art Unlimited.  

Key Responsibilities:
  • Gain real world experience in your field and broaden your skillset
  • We will work with you to hone your skills in your given area of expertise
  • Earn college credit
  • Work with a premier online marketing agency located on the Iron Range
  • Meet super cool people

Our Ideal Intern:


Advertising Job Posting:  Web Developer – Internship

One of our core values is family.

Family = We are trustworthy, We are honest, We put the team first

This means that we have one another’s back when big projects come up, a new challenge presents itself, or someone is just having a hard day. We know that when we work as a team to support one another by being honest about our workload, by trusting one another to get things accomplished, and by our ability to help each other when necessary we will go farther in our industry than anyone else. There are so many other ways that our core values are personified, but we just want to give you a taste of what that looks like on a regular basis. 

When you work at Art Unlimited, you know that the people you work with care about you. We have core values that we actively try to live as a company culture every day. 

How You Will Grow

Each member of our team is responsible for big projects that move our company forward, these can be related to your specific job role or something that our entire team needs to learn about. We want you to become better at your job, which is why we welcome your ideas for how your job can be performed better or more efficiently. We work with each of our team members on research and development projects to better our team and your understanding of your work. 

The Web Developer / Software Developer position will be required to develop, test, document, deploy, support and sustain PWAs developed. Brand standards must be adhered to and enforced while maintaining compelling design, optimal performance, user experience and scalability. Clean and well documented code using Microsoft’s standard naming conventions is required. 

Developer Intern Responsibilities

  • Developing and extending existing or new web applications. 
  • Provide design guidance, POCs, and code reviews to other teammates.
  • Front-End development delivering agile/scrum solutions to the programming team.

Required Skills

  • Majoring in Computer Science or related degree (Software Development/Engineer, Web Development).
  • Intermediate level of experience with WordPress sites and elements various themes offer.
  • Intermediate capability to construct a WordPress site based on a design from the design team.
  • Basic level of Microsoft JScript or React.
  • Basic understanding of Progressive Web Applications (PWAs).
  • Basic level of familiarity with Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Ability to Add necessary items to a project in Visual Studio (Forms, Classes, Manifests, Extensions, etc.).
  • Basic Understanding Agile/Scrum SDLC concepts such as performance, security, scalability, and supportability.
  • Intermediate level understanding of data types and their usage.
  • Ability to declare and use variables.
  • Intermediate understanding of procedures, functions and methods.
  • Basic understanding of error trapping.
  • Intermediate level with HTML 5.0 and/or XML.
  • Basic understanding of ecommerce and coding shopping carts.

Additional Skills

  • Experience coding Javascript applications.
  • Demonstrated teamwork and collaboration in an IT setting.
  • Ability to work in an admin development to build, test and deploy websites.
  • Excellent soft skills
  • Ability to clearly and effectively communicate verbally and written. 

Member of a Team

  • Build and maintain effective working relationships with project team members, subject matter experts and internal IT support teams.
  • Interact with management, customers, vendors and other stakeholders through verbal and written communication.
  • Participate in daily stand-up and weekly team meetings.
  • Work with stakeholders and Development Project Manager to deliver on-time Agile software development projects within budget.
  • Work with UX and design team to design and create PWAs. 
  • Ability to work Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.
  • Ability to demonstrate attendance and punctuality.

Responsibilities of All Employees 

  • Mission, Vision & Values:  Work cooperatively with all employees, clients, and vendors to enhance our mission, vision, and values.  Support the mission by exhibiting professionalism, integrity and ethical behavior.
  • Communication and Teamwork:  Develop and improve our communication system through positive communication practices and teamwork.  Follow the company values in communication with all employees, clients and vendors.
  • Policies and Procedures:  Know, follow and enforce policies and procedures of the organization.  Report to your supervisor incongruences in practices and policies that serve to diminish the effectiveness of the procedures and are counterproductive to the mission.
  • Positive Work Environment: Build and foster positive employee attitudes and morale.  Develop and promote positive co-worker relationships. Address problems between individuals directly, honestly and with integrity.
  • Cost Controls:  Control cost by using assets efficiently and effectively toward the accomplishment of company goals and mission.  Help promote responsible and cost-effective use of agency resources.
  • Cultural Competency and Inclusiveness:  Display sensitivity and responsiveness to cultural and other differences in the employee, client and vendor population.  Maintain and support discrimination and harassment-free environment.
  • Self-Development:  Improve and develop personal and professional potential.  Address personal strengths and areas for improvement. Enhance the agency’s mission by utilizing and applying areas of expertise.  Maintain regular and reliable level of attendance necessary to perform job responsibilities.

Other duties may be assigned to this position periodically as required by the company needs.


Applicants interested in programming internship are being accepted:

May-August 2020

Applications for summer internships are being accepted through May 1st, 2020