Save Valuable Time While Increasing Brand Visibility

Social media is the new brand awareness. It is important to be where your prospective customers are spending their time.

An active presence on social media platforms can help your business gain additional visibility with your targeted clientele.  As a professional online marketing and social media management company, Art Unlimited can save you time by managing your company’s social media accounts.

Connect with the Right Platform

Our basic social media management services focus on three main platforms: Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. However, your social media package is completely customizable; we will help you match up with the platforms that will best suit your business. Some additional social media channels include: YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Houzz.

Engaging Interaction

Our services include any account creation, optimization and new, updated graphics that match your company branding. You’ll also receive a monthly update on your progress and updates.

Our engaging interaction helps to build a social following by promoting blog posts and services for more website traffic, engaging with the online community, and maintaining an active role in social engagement. We will find new channels and trends to promote your business and gain more leads so that your company can be easily found across the web and search engines.


Social Media

Additional Social Media Management Solutions

Social Media Advertising
Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn advertising can be extremely cost effective, especially when you compare it to traditional marketing.

Sweepstakes Campaign Design & Management
If you are looking to grow and engage your online audience through a sweepstakes or giveaway, we can help you design and manage the campaign from start to finish.

Social Media Training for Business
If you want to train your team members or help them to work with our social media management team, we can help you as well. Our social media experts can train your team on social media basics & the latest advanced social strategies.

  • Facebook
  • Google +
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Four Square
  • Social media account creation/review
  • Social media branding for your company
  • Social interaction and monitoring
  • Copy creation and content curation
  • Regular updates
  • Creating campaigns with content & images
  • Review of traffic interaction and insights
    • Contests, sweepstakes and giveaways
    • Social media advertising

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