Professional Quality Videos to Enhance Your Marketing

Are you looking for a way to enhance your marketing with professional-quality videos? Today’s statistics reveal that video plays an ever-increasing role in marketing success, but the reality is that most companies struggle with implementing video into their content production process.

Your Resources + Professional Quality

Art Unlimited’s Video Package provides an easy solution to your video marketing needs.  By providing professional training and harnessing your company’s resources for raw footage, we are able to produce a professional quality video that your company can be proud of. When used within a website or on social media, this video can greatly enhance the experience of your online visitors.

Live Training Course

We provide live training courses on the types of footage to film and instruction that teaches how to shoot the scenes. Your raw footage is then transmitted to our trained experts who compile, edit, and create a strong video presentation.  Once completed, this video can be woven into the broader marketing plan. Use a professional-quality visual in conjunction with text and beautiful imagery to fully connect and engage with your audience.


Video Production_CTA-01

The full video package includes three essential components that result in a great video and marketing tool:

  • Part 1: Training For Onsite Filming – (Online classroom events for the first three months)
  • Part 2: Video Editing (Up to 4 hours of editing)
  • Part 3: Professional Video Graphics / Programming Intergration
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