Boyer & Associates purchased User Experience (UX) with the goal to lowering their bounce rate, and increasing engagement within their website. They made big changes on their homepage to increase engagement, Click here to see the changes. These updates have helped lower the bounce rate, increase scroll rate, and increase the average time spent on page. 

Check out more of the data below to see a year over year comparison. 

User Experience Case Study

Here is a comparison of 2018 and 2019’s bounce rate for various device types after our changes were made. The Bounce Rate dropped anywhere from 1.2% to as much as 4.6% depending on the device, (see the graph below). For the User Experience this shows the visitors are getting the information they are searching for. This also states the site is gaining more interested leads, rather than only pushing as many leads as possible and not converting. 

Device Analytics

The home page was the primary section that our UX efforts were focused on. The Chart below shows the Average Session Duration increased and the Bounce Rate decreased. The homepage is the face of the company. This is the reason we worked so hard on increasing the engagement of this page. There will still be more changes coming up in the future for updates. These should help the home page engagement continue to increase. 

Home Page Analytics

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Event Analytics

For User Experience it is always important to know the target audience that is coming to the site. 

Demographics Age and Gender

Back in January 2018 the scroll rate of the homepage was only 23% for the average scroll rate. This means that the visitor only looked at the top section. They then jumped to a different page from the menu. They were not interested in the content on the homepage. A year later the scroll rate jumped to 50% of the home page. This was accomplished by making the home page shorter and adding more image elements. 

Homepage Scroll Rate Comparison

Watch the Graphic before of a visitor viewing the homepage.


Old Layout

New Layout

Old Layout

New Layout

February 2018

February 2019

Below shows the scroll rate of the home page