Straight Line Construction is very new to the User Experience (UX) report. Our UX focus on the overall look and feel of the pages. Our goal in this study is to show from start to finish what it looks like when someone purchases the User Experience package. Knowing it takes time to build up the data and understand how to implement the best strategies for Straight Line Construction's specific user base are critical success factors.


User Experience Case Study

Below you can see a device overview for 2018 and 2019's Users, Sessions, Bounce Rate and Average Session Duration. At first glance, this may not look great with the top line's Bounce Rate increasing; however, there is so much more to the story these numbers are telling us. Notice how the overall Users and Sessions and Average Session Duration have increased. This shows the value of a blended partnership between Art Unlimited's many services and the business input to enhance the time customers spend on a website. If you look at the individual devices the Bounce Rate for mobile and desktop. There was a decrease in their bounce rates. This is critical because desktop and mobile are the top performing devices their customers are using. The tablet had a higher Bounce Rate increase. This caused the overall bounce rate to increase. When you take time to look through the data at a more granular level, the one red arrow is of very little concern in light of the whole story.

We will continue to monitor the data, as it will change over time. AS our UX team makes more changes to the pages their analytics will improve and the company should see more leads and conversions.

Device Analytics

The "What You Should Know" page was a key tool for upgrading their webpage. With UX work, the pages should be updated one at a time. We want to make sure the changes are working, and take time to evaluate what isn't working to make adjustments for success. 
The changes to this page were made in early March because our team noticed this page was getting a large amount of traffic with little conversion. As you can see from the year over year comparison, the bounce rate increased, while the average session increased as well. 

One thing to make note is this page was having paid ads directed to it, but with UX we were able to review how the user was interacting with the information on the page and make changes based on their interactions. 

What you Should Know Analytics

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Event Analytics

For User Experience it is always important to know the target audience that is coming to the site. 

Demographics Age and Gender

The page in the screen shot below was very long. It did not match the overall look and feel of the other pages. Removing the sidebar, adding a header image, and adding in columns to change the layout made a shorter page. It also clearly states at the top of the page what this page is about. In the short time the scroll rate increased from 20% to 43%. This page along with other pages will be monitored and updated as changes are needed. 

The ultimate goal is to give the visitor the information they are wanting to find within the page. In another month the User Experience Manager will review the data on this page. They will see what is working, and what isn't and make corrections based on user interaction to create a better experience for their client's customers.

Scroll Rate Comparison

The scroll rate has increased since we have updated the landing page. Quality visits are the main focus over quantity. This page now has a 62.50% Bounce Rate which is a positive move for the webpage. 


Old Layout

New Layout

Old Layout

New Layout

Before updated page

After updated page

Scroll Rate from the start of their UX package to 2 months later

The bounce rate decreased by 17.43% when looking at a year over year comparison between July 16 of 2018 and 2019. Even though the page views have decreased, the time spent on the page has increased. This page is also providing the information clearly which gives the visitors the details they are looking for quickly.