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  • Why data privacy just got serious

Why Data Privacy Just Got Serious for American Websites

July 11th, 2018|

We have seen pretty much every app developer or corporate business send us an email saying they have recently updated their privacy policy. We’ve even seen those new annoying pop-ups telling us they have cookies, but now, consumer data rules are hitting your business.


  • Thou Shalt Not Target - Facebook's New Audience Policies

Thou Shalt Not Target – Facebook’s New Audience Policies

June 20th, 2018|

If you’ve been watching the news the past few months, you’ll know that Facebook’s big data scandal has already caused plenty of backlash for marketers. […]

Fixed Monthly Fee versus Pay Per Lead

June 11th, 2018|

Your marketing efforts go hand-in-hand with business growth. But too often, companies relinquish control of their business health by investing in the appealing “pay only for leads” claim. […]

  • How to write the best meta descriptions for roofing websites

How To Write The Best Meta Descriptions For Roofing Websites

May 29th, 2018|

30 seconds are on the clock. You are finally alone with the person who can send your company numbers soaring. If you don’t start talking now, you may never have this opportunity again. This scenario is a make-or-break opportunity and it’s one that you have hundreds of times per day on the internet. Meta descriptions are your roofing website’s elevator pitch, and if you don’t have something great to say, you are losing many potential customers. […]

  • Why SEO and User Experience (UX) Are Different

Why SEO and User Experience (UX) Are Different

May 14th, 2018|

User Engagement. What is it, and how does it differ from SEO? […]

  • New Google Review Search Feature

New Google Review Search Feature

May 9th, 2018|

With Google rolling out new features in different test markets all the time, it’s hard to keep up with your Google Business Listing. This week our team discovered a new feature that Google rolled out in the reviews section of certain business listings, the ability to search by keyword within a business’ reviews section. This can be very helpful for consumers who are looking to compare a business on specific features of interest. Check it out below. […]

  • How to Understand Lead Tracking Analytics

How to Understand Lead Tracking Analytics

May 7th, 2018|

What are the most important numbers for your business? […]

  • Claim Your Google My Business Listing

How to Claim Your Google Business Listing

April 30th, 2018|

What is a Google My Business listing?
When you type your business’s name into Google, sometimes there’s a side box that pops up. It has your business name, address, phone number, pictures, a map, and a link to your business website. This is your Google My Business listing. […]

The Catch in Caching一Info & Tips for Website Owners

April 23rd, 2018|

Isn’t it great when a website loads right when you click on it, lickety-split? But it’s a bummer if the information you’re expecting isn’t there. This can be a result of your computer system’s cache, and it can have many pitfalls for programmers and users alike. Here’s what caching is, when to use it, and how to get around overactive caching issues on any website.


  • Art Unlimited Voted Top 100 Places to Work For 2nd Year

Art Unlimited Named 100 Best Companies to Work for in Minnesota for 2nd Year!

April 16th, 2018|

Art Unlimited is super excited about this honor!

Minnesota Business Magazine has set up these awards to recognize all the […]

  • How to Do Keyword Research for Your Roofing Company

How to Do Keyword Research for Your Roofing Company

March 19th, 2018|

Search marketers agree that keyword research is a critical part of a successful SEO strategy. Without proper keyword research and tracking, your roofing business is unlikely to get very far off the ground on a digital level. Keyword research is the backbone of all successful internet marketing and it is changing all the time, with the most recent development being the need to implement keywords that are specifically targeted towards voice search.


  • Taking your small business from traditional to digital

Taking Your Small Business From Traditional to Digital

March 5th, 2018|

The act of marketing hasn’t changed much even with the arrival of the internet. While people are using the internet to do their shopping, the marketing principles of the 4 P’s (Product, Price, Place and Promotion or Promotional Mix) are still very relevant.


  • How to Utilize Pinterest Ads for Your Resort

How to Utilize Pinterest Ads for Your Resort

February 19th, 2018|

Pinterest is often stereotyped as a home of nothing but fattening foods and quirky crafts, but it’s actually extremely useful for resorts and travel agencies. In fact, travel pins and searches constitute nearly 25% of all Pinterest activity! And it follows that if people are looking for somewhere to travel, they’re also going to be looking for somewhere to stay. Here’s what great ads and content on Pinterest look like.


  • Facebook Affects Your Business

2018 Facebook Updates That Affect Your Business

February 12th, 2018|

When you’re using Facebook for fun, you may wish that everything would disappear except stuff that you really care about, like posts from your friends and a few tidbits from pages you follow. Facebook is setting out to do just that in 2018, and it’s going to seriously diminish organic reach for your small business’s Facebook page. Here’s what’s going on, what it will mean, and what you can do to keep your small business thriving socially.


Chasing Perfection – with Sue Hawkes

February 5th, 2018|

Women in business are over-committed and our lives are out of control–we need to learn that we don’t have to be chained to our businesses, that we can take control of them. Recently, Art Unlimited was blessed with the opportunity to meet with Sue Hawks to hear her guidance and encouragement on this very topic! Check out her advice for women business owners with us!
In Sue Hawkes’ new book, Chasing Perfection, she outlines how to “use actionable practices to conquer self-doubt while maximizing your success,” so that you can smash down the barriers keeping you from your full leadership potential.
We need to get some work done and this blog is for you. You need to know that you are making a difference inside and outside your business and are able to take care of yourself. Being certain of yourself is essential. […]

  • Top Five IRE Booths 2018

Top 5 Booths to Visit at the International Roofing Expo

January 25th, 2018|

Planning to check out the International Roofing Expo this February? We are too! Here are the top booths we recommend Roofers check out as you are planning your trip.


  • Logo types and how much they cost

Logo Types and the Amount of Effort They Take

January 22nd, 2018|

Nothing helps you promote your brand quite like a well-defined, memorable logo. When you are thinking about making a logo for your business, consider its versatility and usability. Where do you envision this logo showing up, and what culture does your business want to personify? Having a good idea of what you want before you meet with a designer will ensure your logo project is completed within budget. If you are creating a new logo (not updating an older logo) the exploratory phase of finding a business’s identity should occur before seeking a designer. Once you are ready to consult a designer, the process of designing a logo consists of three phases: Concept, Review, and Design.


  • boost your brick and mortar business

How to Boost Your Brick and Mortar Business

January 8th, 2018|

In today’s scary age of big chain retailers closing their doors, mom and pop shops are getting nervous. Is your business safe from digital powerhouses like Walmart and Amazon? With the right strategy, any business can stand the test of time. Here are things we’ve learned about consumer patterns from studying history and how your business can utilize that knowledge to keep your brick and mortar thriving. […]

  • The Eleanor Roosevelt approach to Persona Marketing

The Eleanor Roosevelt Approach To Persona Marketing

December 22nd, 2017|


Persona marketing has been around for awhile, but not everyone takes the time to truly understand why it’s important and how they can use it effectively. Eleanor Roosevelt wrote in her book You Learn By Living, “If you can develop this ability to see what you look at, to understand its meaning, to readjust your knowledge to this new information, you can continue to learn and to grow as long as you live and you’ll have a wonderful time doing it.” […]

  • Small business resolutions - local optimization

Small Business Resolutions 2018 – Take on Local Optimization

December 11th, 2017|

Small businesses are the very lifeblood that keep America strong. We cannot rely on big-box chains to fulfill every need of Americans, and one of the most important ways to promote your small business is to make sure that you have an excellent online presence.

  • How Roofers Should Use Their Marketing To Hire

How Roofers Should Use Their Marketing To Hire

December 4th, 2017|

One of the number one issues of all U.S. small businesses is hiring. Within the skilled laborers and manufacturing market, these workers start to dwindle even further. According to Construction Executive, 12% of construction workers will be retiring from the industry in the next 5 years. The shortage is coming and quite honestly, the roofing industry as a whole is already starting to feel the struggle. […]

  • Why You Should Promote Preferred Insurance Certifications

Why You Should Promote Preferred Insurance Certifications

November 27th, 2017|

If you’ve never thought about having your auto shop “preferred” by your local insurance companies, now might just be the time to start. Having your shop listed as a preferred insurance partner can, influence a sense of confidence in your customers, and get your business recommendations and referrals from the insurance agency that you partnered with. As an added bonus, you’ll likely get a free backlink to the insurance website to boost your SEO! […]

  • 4 Things That Stop Your Consulting Brand Traction

4 Things That Stop Your Consulting Brand Traction

November 13th, 2017|

Your brand is your first impression with customers. Knowing how to keep your brand relationship moving in the right direction can keep your leads flowing. The top areas we have seen stop people’s brand in the digital realm include: […]

  • The Reif Center's Tips to Increase Your Event Attendance

The Reif Center’s Tips to Increase Your Event Attendance

November 6th, 2017|

Art Unlimited was blessed with the opportunity to speak with Katie Benes of the Reif Center regarding their event attendance strategy. In this interview, Katie gets to the heart of how the Reif focuses their efforts to reach a wide range of audiences. […]

  • How Shopping Cart Abandonment Hurts Resorts & Tourism

How Shopping Cart Abandonment Hurts Resorts & Tourism

October 30th, 2017|

With the immediacy of today’s consumers, being unable to provide them exactly what they are looking for quickly, results in […]

  • How Many Leads Does Your Business Regularly Lose?

How Many Leads Does Your Business Regularly Lose?

October 26th, 2017|

Leads are so vital in determining the success of a business over time. Today, when most leads are realized through the internet and social media, most businesses are losing a huge number of leads regularly because they don’t know how to tap them effectively. And to make it worse, most of these businesses are losing these leads without even realizing that they are doing so. […]

  • How Quality Social Media Can Propel SEO

How Quality Social Media Can Propel SEO

October 16th, 2017|

Social media is the new frontier for helping your resort find the right customers. But how does this happen? How do you move through social media to find out where your vacationers are? What resources will social media bring to your website that you wouldn’t otherwise have? […]

  • Gregg Wallick Best

How to Build a Local Brand

October 12th, 2017|


The keynote presentation by Gregg Wallick didn’t disappoint 2017 Best of Success attendees. Gregg got right down to business this year, focusing on the core components of building a great brand both inside and outside your company. […]

  • How to Be Ready to Land The Big Roofing Contract

How to Be Ready to Land The Big Roofing Contract

October 2nd, 2017|

You’ve been trying your hardest to land that perfect, giant roofing job client, the one that can make your business double almost overnight. But if you actually win that contract, would you be ready to support it? Here’s some sound advice we’ve gathered by working in the roofing industry for years. […]

  • Mobile usability for leads

Why Winning on Mobile Increases Your Collision Repair Leads

September 25th, 2017|

As the world of search turns to mobile you don’t want your collision repair business to fall behind. The fact is that in this day and age your website’s mobile usability is becoming crucial to gaining and converting leads.


  • How to Blend Digital into Your Collision Repair Marketing

How to Blend Digital into Your Collision Repair Marketing

September 14th, 2017|

Your collision repair shop has stepped into the 21st century of marketing, you have a website, but your business is still not seeing a lot of traction. There have been a lot of technology changes since websites were the norm, and they alone just can’t cut it anymore. […]

  • why your roofing keyword test no longer works

Why Your Roofing Keyword Search Test No Longer Works

September 13th, 2017|

If you’re like most people, you use Google to search for things. You may notice that if you type in the same keywords on different days, you get different results. You may chalk this up to user error, however, it’s intentional, and part of what Google calls “Personalized Results.”

Google wants each user to get what they’re looking for, and it does this by building an ever changing algorithm. What’s the algorithm you ask? In layman’s terms: it’s a set of rules that Google sets to retrieve what you’re searching for. Algorithms change constantly as new technology becomes available. According to Moz, every year Google changes their algorithms 500-600 times, wow!


  • Preparing Your Roofing Company for Emergency Storm Repairs

Preparing Your Roofing Company for Emergency Storm Repairs

September 11th, 2017|

Storms are a part of nature. They are something that is bound to happen every so often. This is why it is important that your roofing business be prepared to act when calamity strikes. Business chaos can start to creep in as your phone starts ringing off the hook for emergency roofing calls. Here are some tips to keep your roofing business prepared to serve those in need of support in a professional and calming manner. […]

  • adwords to increase mobile collision repair leads

How to Utilize AdWords to Win Mobile Collision Repair Leads

August 28th, 2017|

With Google wanting to help its AdWords advertisers win leads, mobile has been the new frontier of income generation. The last time you searched something on your phone, did you notice that ads took up the prime real estate? For the automotive industry alone, 62% of searches are initiated through mobile devices. This means utilizing mobile ad campaigns has never been more vital.
Here are our recommendations to win traffic from those mobile searches for collision repair services.


  • Here are tips from our sessions at PPC Week

Landing Your Landing Page – A PPC Week Golden Ticket

August 23rd, 2017|

We are brimming with knowledge and insight from Unbounce’s PPC week! After all the seminars on boosting your campaigns & […]

  • optimize your collision repair keywords

How to Optimize Your Collision Repair Keywords

August 21st, 2017|

The short answer: Make your keywords conversational.

Identify the keywords you want to use
Use them conversationally throughout your website
Answer the questions your customers are asking by using your keywords


  • best way to answer roofing questions

How to Turn Your Roofing Insights into Influence

August 7th, 2017|

Customers will have questions. That’s a given. People want to know that they can trust you and your company before they sink a lot of time and money into the services you provide. When those services are something as substantial as roof replacement or repair, you’d best expect a significant number of questions coming your way.


  • MozCon 2017 What it Means for Your Business

MozCon 2017 Recap: What It Means for Your Business

July 26th, 2017|

MozCon, the emotionally exhausting whirlwind of ideas that hit you in the same time frame as a weekend and leave you as temporarily motionless as a body washed up on the shore. True to marketing form, when you finally regain all your senses, you gather all the exciting industry tidbits together and bring them back to your team with glee. If you didn’t get a chance to attend this year’s MozCon 2017, or are just looking to bounce your ideas off someone, here are the highlights we thought should be noted. […]

  • Lead Value. cost per lead. sales value

How to Calculate Your Lead Value in 7.8 Minutes

July 26th, 2017|

How much is a lead REALLY worth to your business? This is something that you can easily calculate. First, make sure you have all of your marketing and sales information at hand. Generally, you will want to use the information from the previous year. For seasonal businesses, it is also a good idea to assess your cost per lead and lead value quarterly. So get ready for your fully packed 7.8 minutes of reading, and GO!


  • How to Prepare you body shop for hail damage

How to Prepare Your Body Shop Website for Hail Damage

July 17th, 2017|

When a storm rolls through your area, your body shop or collision repair business could have the opportunity to fill some slow times with repairs for hail damage. Here are some tips we’ve developed to help your digital presence shine after the storm has passed, and people are searching for repairs.


  • How to Attract Tourists To Your Community

How to Attract Tourists to Your Community

July 10th, 2017|

The age old question of how to bring new people to your community is always changing in approach. Our recommendations in this blog are based on an overall community approach. If your local businesses can come together to tackle tourism, your community can see tremendous results within 6 months to a year of implementation. Read on to get started! […]

  • tips for arts and culture

Kathy Dodge’s Tips for Starting a Community Council

July 10th, 2017|


We’ve all seen paintings along the walls of your downtown buildings that add hometown flare. Or murals that proudly display your town’s history. But how did they get there?

Most arts and culture programs are coordinated by some form of a community council.

We connected with Kathy Dodge, a commissioner who helped cultivate the Grand Rapids Arts and Culture Commission. For her most useful tips on forming a commission, here is what she had to say:


  • Tips for Nailing the Perfect Roofing Blog

4 Tips for Nailing the Perfect Roofing Blog

July 5th, 2017|

One of the best ways to keep fresh content circulating on your website is blogging. The right blogs can give your roofing or construction business a chance to answer frequently asked questions, keep customers in the loop, and show what is coming up in the future. But crafting a blog that is informative & engaging can be a difficult task. No matter the format of the blog, there are four points to keep in mind:


  • Collision Repair businesses need local optimization

Why Collision Repair Businesses Need Local Optimization

June 26th, 2017|

With any business, you want to get new leads. Being found online locally has been a game changer for the collision repair market. Here’s why local optimization is important and a few ways you can get your digital leads flowing.


  • Industry Insights from the roofer's coffee shop

Industry Insights From The Roofer’s Coffee Shop

June 19th, 2017|​ ​was​ ​originally​ launched​ ​in​ ​the​ ​1980’s​ ​by​ ​Vickie​ ​Sharples. ​ ​You​ might have​ ​known​ ​it​ ​by​ ​a​ ​different​ ​name​ ​then, ​​​Roofers​ ​Exchange.​ ​ It​ ​was​ ​a newspaper​ ​that​ ​Vickie​ ​developed,​ ​printed,​ ​and​ ​distributed​ ​to​ the roofing industry. ​ ​It​ ​included​ ​articles helpful​ ​to​ ​roofers, ​​classifieds​ ​from​ ​those​ ​in​ ​the​ ​industry​ ​looking​ ​to​ ​buy​ ​or​ ​sell​ ​pieces​ ​of equipment​ ​and​ ​advertisements​ ​from​ ​distributors and manufacturers. ​ ​The​ ​newspaper​ ​grew​ ​in​ ​popularity​ ​for​ ​southern​ ​Californian roofers,​ ​and​ ​by​ ​1990,​ ​Vickie​ ​was​ ​distributing​ it ​nationally.  


  • How to Avoid Shady Website Developers

How to Avoid Shady Website Developers

June 5th, 2017|

As a web development & marketing agency, we’ve had so many people come to us with heart wrenching stories of how they had a poor experience with a web developer, that we decided we needed to say something about it. Here’s our best practice tips of choosing a company to develop your website. […]

  • Avoid an SSL Emergency by working with Art Unlimited

Why Having SSL Can Avoid a Future Crisis

May 22nd, 2017|

One of the challenges of working in the digital world is constant change. Software, servers, and standards are always evolving to improve user experience, which is great!  But it also means to keep your website relevant, you have to keep up with features and updates as they are released.

We’d like to inform you of some future Google search engine changes we are predicting, based on our observations from the past. Over the last few months we’ve started to notice Google’s tastes start to change in terms of their preference for websites with SSL. […]

How to Take the Best Photo for Your Social Media

May 8th, 2017|

How to Capture the Best Social Media Photo

Taking pictures for social media can be intimidating, but knowing how to capture your photo can actually make a huge impact on the final result of your image. Here are 7 tips to keep in mind when trying to capture the best photo for social media:  […]

  • Google Scam Email

Google Doc Share Scam: What to do After You Opened It

May 4th, 2017|

An email subject line that lets you know you won a free cruise, a new boat, and an all-time low interest rate on a home loan are filed directly into the trash or spam folder. We have all seen the super spammy e-mail with misspellings and incomplete sentences.

But every once in awhile, a sneaky phishing email can slip through your spam radar and ruin your day (and you contacts). […]

  • How to Dodge Slippery Digital Agencies

How to Dodge Slippery Digital Marketing Agencies

April 24th, 2017|

We’ve all gotten a call about our Google business listing from a spammy recorded message, but some slippery marketers are a little harder to pin down. Here’s a list of tell tail signs to help you to eliminate a marketing agency that’s not worth your time.


  • What are my mobile audit Errors and are they important?

What Are My Mobile Audit Errors and Are They Important?

April 12th, 2017|

Part of keeping your marketing in tip-top shape is checking to see how well your website continues to perform, especially on mobile. In today’s mobile marketing world, 40% of users on a mobile device will leave if the site doesn’t load in a mere three seconds, and 52% of users claim that site-speed influences their brand loyalty. […]

  • Lilah Crowe's Grant Writing Tips for Nonprofits

Lilah Crowe’s Grant Writing Tips for Nonprofits

April 3rd, 2017|

The Itasca County Historical Society has been a cultural gem of the Grand Rapids area for quite a few years now. People from across Itasca County and beyond have come to utilize their facilities and get to know more about their familial roots. […]

  • Why Hiring an Agency Shouldn't Be a Frantic Leap of Faith

Why Hiring an Agency Shouldn’t Be a Frantic Leap of Faith

March 27th, 2017|

Many businesses today can feel themselves riding a swelling wave of new business. You can feel it build underneath you. Your efforts are starting to gain sizable traction through word of mouth and even online! But now the workload of actually doing business is getting to the point where you don’t have the time to do any more marketing yourself. What’s going to happen? Will the wave finally crests into becoming a household name, or will you always be fighting to stay afloat on a consistent swell? […]

Why 508 Compliance is Good for Your Business

March 20th, 2017|

All electronic and informational technology developed or maintained by the federal government must be 508 compliant. This amendment is a federal law derived from the United states Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973, but what does that mean for your business? Let us explain what 508 compliance is, how it can be implemented, and how it can benefit your business. […]

  • Does the Millennial Path-to-Purchase Impact Your Business?

Does the Millennial Path-to-Purchase Impact Your Business?

March 6th, 2017|

Millennials, the most studied cohort of humans so far. But why should you, a business owner, care about millennials and their meticulously studied habits?

Because Millennials are consumers. […]

  • What It Means to be a Google Premier Partner

What It Means to be a Google Premier Partner

February 13th, 2017|

Art Unlimited was recently awarded the Google Premier Partner status. We don’t mean to toot our own horn, toot toot, […]

How Your Consumers Have Changed

February 6th, 2017|

With more and more data coming forth on consumer trends, we feel it’s important for you to be aware of what your audience has been up to. So, we pulled together some data from experts in the field, and wanted to showcase it this month for you. […]

  • It’s no secret that your roofing content might not be the top trending topic of the day on social media. As a roofing contractor, it is not always a walk in the park to constantly come up with fresh, engaging content for your social media platforms. So, how do you keep your social media presence engaging and current for your followers? Here are a few ways to help you keep your social media helpful and intriguing. 1. Reuse, Refurbish, Recycle. Don’t be afraid to reuse or recycle your content that may be helpful, even if it is the second time around. If you have content that answers important questions, or received a large amount of engagement, post it again! Just don’t go crazy. Refurbishing content is a great way to recycle quality information that may be just as relevant now as it was when you first posted it. Refurbishing content can also give you a second chance to get better engagement on a post that might not have been posted at an optimal time, or change wording you think may have been confusing to your audience. 2. Use Your Team. Remember that when a customer hires your roofing business, it is your team that shows up at their door. Don’t be afraid to promote and create content that highlights your team as a whole or even an individual employee. You could wish one your employees a happy birthday post along with a picture of them during their birthday month. Or you could have a “get to know us” segment once a month and ask an employee some light questions like their favorite sports team, favorite food along with a picture to give their name a face. If your team has a get together, is helping with a charity, or is especially proud of a roof they just completed, let your social media followers know! Snap photos at events showing that your team enjoys being together, or show before and after photos of a roof or project you did that showcases your work. The point of posts like these is to break down the employee/customer wall and cultivate a personal relationship. Customers are more likely to use a service where they feel like they know the company well and have a personal relationship with them. 3. Share Relevant Content. Each industry has a network of manufacturers and business partners, use this to your advantage! Roofing companies deal with many different businesses that also have social media profiles. Follow your roofing manufacturers and roofing supply companies and share their content. If your shingles manufacturer is giving back to their community with volunteer work, or has an informational post on different types of shingles that could help your customers, share it! Show your audience that you care about and appreciate working with other companies, and hopefully they will do the same in return. Creating a social media relationship with one of your manufacturers could lead them to sharing your roofing business’s content, increasing your reach across your social platforms. Other relevant content may be things like DIY house projects, or even upcoming weather reports. Don’t overload your audience with just your product and your offers, give them content they can engage with, are interested in learning about, and can be useful to them in other ways. If you post helpful videos for “around the house” projects like painting a garage floor or staining their deck, people watching those videos will associate your business name with helpful and quality information, making them more likely to contact you when they need to hire a roofing contractor. These are just a few of the ways you can keep your roofing business’s social media engaging and current for your followers. Be sure to check back to Art Unlimited’s blog for more useful tips on social media and digital marketing for your business. If you need help with your social media management, contact us today! We’re more than happy to discuss the options that you have available!

How to Keep Your Roofing Content Exciting for Your Followers

January 30th, 2017|

It’s no secret that your roofing content might not be the top trending topic of the day on social media. As a roofing contractor, it is not always a walk in the park to constantly come up with fresh, engaging content for your social media platforms. So, how do you keep your social media presence engaging and […]

  • 5 Digital Marketing Resolutions to Increase 2017 Traffic

5 Digital Marketing Resolutions to Increase 2017 Traffic

December 12th, 2016|

Your rush is finally done, and you are starting to have time again. Now onto those tasks you’ve been putting off while your business was crazy! Some of these tasks, like your online presence, can seem a little daunting. Figuring out how to plan your upcoming year with your website marketing can be a challenge. Here are some tips to get you on track and keep you rolling, even during your busy season. […]

  • How to Use Social Media for Your Non-Profit Events

How to Use Social Media for Your Non-Profit Events

December 1st, 2016|

For many non-profits, your challenge is connecting the right volunteers, business owners, and those in need to your services. Throw event planning into that mix, and things can start to get complicated! When you need get the word out, you have to connect with many audiences on different platforms. This guide provides tested tactics that will keep your audience interested. […]