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Custom Web Development & Digital Marketing

We are a team of marketing professionals who strive to maintain a balance within the constantly changing trends within our industry. Our goal is to ensure that our clients’ businesses succeed. Learn more about our innovative culture, company, and business model.

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Interconnected Marketing & Web Development

We offer a full range of marketing services to provide balanced online strategy. Each component plays an integral role in ensuring that an online presence is developed and maintained according to the latest and best practices in the industry.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fundamental component to any digital marketing endeavor. Properly applied, SEO ensures that your website will be found in online searches.
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Company Blogging

Business blogging is a great way to add fresh content to your website. By providing your clients with quality resources and relevant information, you give them (and the search engines that rank you) a reason to return to your website.
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Local Optimization

As a local business within your community, maintaining up-to-date information across the internet is crucial. Local Optimization ensures your local online listings are correct & up to date.
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Review Management

People use the web every day to search for the products and services that your business is providing. Online reviews are of incredible importance when it comes to your website’s visibility – but maintaining a positive reputation can be challenging.
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Graphic Design

Are you looking for a way to enhance your marketing with professional-quality images? Today’s statistics reveal that visual elements play an ever-increasing role in marketing success, but the reality is that most companies struggle with implementing high quality graphic design projects in house.
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Social Media

Social media is the new brand awareness. It is important to be where your prospective customers are spending their time.
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PPC Management

With pay per click marketing management, we can customize campaigns that fit your business goals. One of the biggest benefits of ppc marketing is that it can be adjusted in real-time.
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Web Development

A professionally designed, responsive website is integral to any modern business. That is why each website created by Art Unlimited contains a framework that can support business growth and enhancement.
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User Experience

Ensuring your users are cared for can consume precious time. There are many areas along the sales conversion path where a website user may be dropped, causing a prospective client to lose interest in you and your company.
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Website Enhancement

In the world of technology and online marketing, it is important to stay up to date on all upgrades, required changes, and basic security maintenance. This service module keeps a watchful eye on your website.
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Corporate Branding

Branding is an integral component to building a business legacy within your targeted market. When aligned with your mission, values, and company personality, corporate branding can help your business become a household name with a unique identity.


& Guarantees

Providing Services You Can Depend On

We provide three client advantages, we call our ‘Uniques’, along with three guarantees. Our clients have found these set us apart from the rest of the industry.


  • Custom designed marketing solutions and products with the individual client in mind.
  • Over 35 years of business, giving, and education.
  • Our staff is 100% based in the United States


  • We do not pass on hidden fees of any kind to our clients.
  • Upon completion, our clients own their marketing materials and subsequent files.
  • We do not require contracts, and our clients are offered month to month billing for their convenience.


& Resources

Always Current & Dependable

The Art Unlimited blog provides the latest information and insight in the online marketing industry. Fill up on practical knowledge that can help your business to succeed.



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