Art Unlimited Voted Top 100 Places to Work For 2nd Year

Art Unlimited is super excited about this honor!

Minnesota Business Magazine has set up these awards to recognize all the amazing, first-class companies that have their corporate offices in our great state. The 100 Best are chosen by the current employees filling out online questionnaires about their employers. The magazine determined the best places to work have high grades in work environment, benefits, and overall employee satisfaction.

Why are Employees at Art Unlimited So Happy?

  • We Have Continued Education

Art Unlimited is committed to making sure all employees are the best in their fields. Continuing education is the best way to make this happen. All employees go to conferences to learn more deepen and broaden their job-role expertise at least once a year. On top of this, each team member is responsible for completing a research project each quarter to refine and improve our internal processes. Incentives like this are powerhouse forces that drive our team and company forward.

  • Art Unlimited Gives Back to Our Community

Art Unlimited is committed to giving back. We feel that if we have been gifted with prosperity, it is for the sole purpose of benefiting others. We have numerous causes and organizations we give to. Check out a few here.

  • We have Team-Building Exercises

Becoming a team and functioning as a team doesn’t just happen. It takes work. Everyone at Art Unlimited is briefed about the state of the company quarterly, so that we all know the goals of the next quarter and what we have to do to get there, individually and as a team. This information solidifies a team to one common, achievable goal. How can you achieve the same goals when you don’t know what they are?  

Additionally, every quarter, we also have fun activities to help us strengthen our bonds and do something fun. Boot hockey and card stacking are on the list of things we’ve done.

  • Working at Art Unlimited is Fun!

One of our mottos is, “We wear jeans, but we mean business.” We have a casual working environment that delivers professional results. Pair that with our open office layout, and that makes for a perfect atmosphere of collaboration among employees, as well as occasional silliness!

Check out some of our team loving their job!

What Does This Award Mean for Art Unlimited?

  • Attracting New Employees

While we already have a fantastic team, this award will help us attract other amazing people so our company can grow. We set the bar high at AU, and winning this award will help us find extra-stellar employees who share our top-notch standards. We don’t contract anyone out of the country: when you call us, you’re calling our office in the Northwoods.

  • Attracting New Clients

Art Unlimited works with clients all over the United States and Canada. Receiving an award like this helps solidify the commitment and dedication our team has to deliver marketing results.

According to FastCompany, employees that are happy at work are 12% more productive. Happy employees work together better, and provide a better product, therefore, making happy customers. This is not a new concept. This award shows the world what a team atmosphere we have, and it will entice more companies to work with us, knowing we will provide them with an outstanding product.

Want to work for or with Art Unlimited? Let us know; we’d be happy to hear from you!