5 Easy Roofing Marketing Ideas You Need To Know

An on-point, relevant marketing strategy can be one of the most powerful tools for your roofing company’s success, but many businesses get stumped at step one: Where do I begin? Check out Art Unlimited’s tips for being found, trusted, and hired!

1. Get Your Name Out There (Make it the Right Name)

When was the last time you did a NAP audit? Unfortunately, this NAP has nothing to do with catching extra zzz’s and everything to do with your business name, address, and phone number. Any online directory where your business is listed is a potential troublespot for wrong information.

Have you ever moved, changed your company name, or gotten a new phone number? You may barely remember it, but the internet will! You can use an easy tool like Yext to check how your business appears online.

Next, it’s time to think about local optimization. Making sure all your information matches was the first step; the second step is to tailor it to fit your potential customers. Don’t be obsessive about it on your website, but wherever it’s natural, slip in a “…for your Minneapolis home,” or “…common issue for wind-damaged roofs in Chesapeake”

After that, focus on your branding. Do you have a dedicated logo? A tagline? Certain colors you always use on your website?

If the answer is no, it’s time to think about putting together a simple brand manual. 

If the answer is yes, where are you showing them off? 

  • Use your name frequently in your website: “At Very Cool Roofing, we’re committed to a great roof repair experience for every customer.” 
  • Order yard signs: When your client’s neighbors see the great experience you’re providing, they may hire you too! But only if they can tell who you are and how to contact you.
  • Brand your company trucks: This is a lot like a yard sign, but more mobile! A word of warning, though—we’ve seen time and time again that online reviewers will not hesitate to call out bad driving, so buckle up and stay safe!

2. Create Clear Content Which Helps Your Customers

Did you know that a large percentage of people go first to a company’s “About Us” page when they land on their website? A customer’s first priority is going to be to figure out exactly who you are and what you do.

Now flip that around and make it your first priority to show customers who you are and what you do! Clearly outlining your service offerings and what they mean is going to build trust with potential customers.

Another way to build trust is to proactively answer people’s questions! Pay attention to what customers ask when you’re making a sale, when you answer the phone, and wherever they reach out to you online.

Tip 2. Create Clear Content Which Helps Your Customers

Clearly outlining your service offerings and what they mean is going to build trust with potential customers.

Here’s the deal: tons of roofing companies are answering people’s questions online, but more often than not, they’re doing a terrible job. When a customer asks, “Does a cracked shingle mean I need a roof replacement?” they don’t want to hear, “At Very Cool Roofing, we handle any and all roof replacements!” 

When you’re answering customer queries on your FAQ page or your blogs, scrap the complicated business jargon, put self-promotion on the back burner, and be as transparent as you can about the solution you’re describing. Make it clear your team is there to help customers understand their options. A level-headed, informative answer is a secret (and highly effective) sales pitch for a skeptical customer.

3. Show YOUR Work

The popular phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” started circulating a hundred years ago, and it still rings true! Stand out on your website and on your social media channels by following these image tips:

  • Take before & after photos. People love to see a makeover! Whenever possible, get these photos from the same distance, the same angle, and with the same lighting. Always clean up any trash, clutter, or tools before you take an “after” photo! 
  • Avoid stock photography. It’s crisp, it’s colorful, it’s lovely. You know it, and so does everyone else! It’s old hat. Take pictures of your own crews, the buildings you’ve worked on (with the owner’s permission) and your own office. You’ll send an even stronger message of genuity if you can get everyone wearing company-branded clothing or matching colors. 
  • Don’t put them all in one place. Once you have some nice photos, create a “See our work” or portfolio page for your website. Link to it from other pages in your website so it’s easy to find. Then, use the best of those photos for your service pages, too! You want to show people you’re real, honest, and skilled. 

4. Connect with the Community

Are you a local business? Show it. When people know you’re investing at a local level, they’ll want to work with you! You don’t have to have a director of community outreach to get started on this kind of casual networking! Start here:

  • Attend events (especially charity events). The people you’re selling to and serving are your neighbors. Show them you care about the same things they do.  Give the charity a shout-out on social media while you’re at it.
  • Sponsor events. Similar to the first suggestion, but you’ll probably get your name and logo on the event materials, which is good for brand awareness and truly shows your support.
  • Hire locally, and make it obvious you do. When you have new job openings, get the word out where local people will see it—TV commercials, flyers, billboards. They’ll see a great company hiring their friends and family, and you’ll see the power of word-of-mouth advertising when they spread the good news.
  • Give stuff away. Depending on your company size, it may not be practical to give away a whole roof replacement. That’s okay! Do you clean gutters? Shovel roofs in the winter? Remove moss and algae from shingles? Host a social media giveaway and have people engage with your post to enter. When you’ve chosen a winner, take a video of the work you do at their house (preferably with the lucky winner) and share that too!

5. Be Reachable

We can’t stress this one enough. The number-one turnoff we see for potential roofing customers is, “They never answer their phones”…“We’ve tried to call them five times”…“They said they would call back and never did.” It’s a tragedy, but a preventable one!

Tip 5. Be Reachable

First, make it clear where people can contact you. Do you have an online form? Make sure it’s working and simple to find. Can you answer Facebook messages? Encourage people to send you a chat. If a certain channel is impossible to keep up on, at least enable an automatic message to give people an alternative way to reach you.

You need, need, need to have someone answering the phone during business hours. If people call after those hours, it has to be your priority to get in touch again as soon as possible.

If there’s simply no help for it and you have to delay responding, always try to give potential customers an expectation of how soon you’ll be reaching out to them. If it might be an hour, tell them you can get back to them in two hours. When their wait time is cut in half, they’ll be thrilled and impressed that you responded so quickly.

Our final marketing tip: Always respond to comments and messages, even when they’re ridiculous. Even a simple, “We’re ready to help, but we’re not sure what you’re asking. Could you rephrase your question?” response to an unintelligible question sends a big message to your other followers: this company truly cares about its customers. And voila, you’ve hit the nail on the head!

Looking for some more roofing marketing ideas? Check out our blog or get in touch with the Art Unlimited team today! We’d love to help you!