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Kandi Hamble is the Content Editor at Art Unlimited. She produces great informative & educational content on a monthly basis for her client's websites & blogs. She loves improving her client's online presence through thoughtfully-crafted & individualized content.

November 2020

How To Simplify Your Company Message With StoryBrand

Have you been wondering how to grow loyalty for your business? Are you frustrated with having different messages across platforms? This blog will introduce you to StoryBrand, a well-defined way to understand and create your message before it gets shared with your audience. I’ll take you through what it is and how it affects marketing, then cover where StoryBrand is used and dive into the framework and how it works to give you a clear, strong message. StoryBrand History We humans love a good story, right? Each story has basic [...]

October 2020

August 2020

How To Improve Your Communication Soft Skill

What are soft skills, anyway? Soft skills can be boiled down to how you treat others. They are more associated with your personality than your training. They ‘are personal characteristics that enable individuals to interact well with others and perform their jobs well.’ Every job you hold, whether as a contractor, stay-at-home parent, solo entrepreneur, or remote-office employee, requires you to get along well with others. […]

April 2020

6 WordPress Plugins You Need To Succeed

Ah, the world wide web! If you are building your presence online, chances are you have your very own website. And now you wait for visitors. As you wait, maybe you’re wondering if you have everything you need to succeed. […]

March 2020

COVID-19: How To Work From Home and Stay Connected

The world has been shifting beneath our feet in these past few weeks. As more and more people need to transition to working from home, many are wondering how to get their work done. Parents with kids out of school, housework, and even worry about how our lives will change are all worthy distractions to combat – with love and clean hands. […]

November 2019

How To Market Your Roofing Company In A Digital World

We are living in an increasingly digital world. I can still remember life without the internet, and my how things have changed! Art Unlimited has been around longer than the World Wide Web, and now we find ourselves fully immersed in this fascinating, always changing digital space. […]

October 2019

Art Unlimited Partners & Integrations For Your Benefit

“It takes a village to raise a child” is an oft-quoted African proverb. This wisdom can be applied to many facets of life, including growing your business. As Art Unlimited has continued to grow, we have seen the benefits of cultivating strategic partnerships with other companies within and outside of our direct industry. Our partnerships bring benefits to: […]

July 2019

How To Add Energy To Your Ads With Google Local Services

Marketing your business has many facets to keep track of. One big way most businesses market is by purchasing ads. Do you place those ads in only one place, or do you diversify over a few platforms? Placing ads in many locations can help generate more leads. Google Local Services is one place you should have a presence on. Keep reading to learn why they are important. […]

February 2019

How Gutenberg Is Changing The Face Of WordPress

Here we are at the dawn of a new WordPress era. Gutenberg, the new block editor from WordPress, released back in December 2018. With the release of Gutenberg, things will be changing in the world of web development and also with blogging. It is said blogging will be easier — easier to add content as well as images. […]

January 2019

What You Need To Know About Tracking Social Media Metrics

Offering a service to others involves many moving pieces. As you are performing your job, it is important to be able to show the success of your work. This helps build trust and understanding between you and the people you meet with or report to. Today, we will focus on solving the problem of showing social media’s value. Social media plays a very important role in building brand awareness. It also helps companies develop trust with current and potential customers. […]

The Easy Way to Auto Test Your Website Forms

Website forms are an important part of doing business in this digital age. Depending on how large your company is, you could have dozens of forms on your website. It builds trust with your client base – new and existing – if they can fill out your forms and hear back from you promptly. If your forms are not working, however, the trust they gave will dwindle until it is all gone. Let FormTester 365 be your handy sidekick to keep your marketing forms in working order. […]

Art Unlimited’s Top 10 Read Marketing Blogs of 2018

  With 2018 now behind us, I went spelunking into our most visited blogs of 2018. This was quite a trip down memory lane, looking at how things have changed in digital marketing. Here is a look back at our Top Ten Marketing Tip blogs. Google Update of Panda 4.0 This hungry little Panda is after duplicate content, automatically generated content, and spam. If it finds these things on a website, the rank will drop so fast your head may spin. Good SEO is like starting seeds. Keywords need to [...]

November 2018