How To Build A Strong Content Marketing Strategy

When you build a website, whether for fun or to promote a business, you need to have a strong strategy for your content. Two things should be at the forefront of your content marketing strategy:

  1. Omnipresence – Getting your content in front of your audience in all of the places they expect to find information about you
  2. Omniscience – Crafting quality, thorough content that answers your consumer’s needs before they even know they have those needs

Be Omnipresent

You need to understand who your target audience is and where they absorb content like yours. In other words, you need to understand the content consumption practices of your audience as it relates to your industry. If, for example, you own a coffee shop, you want to consider how different people in your funnel will get information from you.

  • Will newbies find you in google maps and stop in?
  • Do they use Facebook heavily and respond to great video?
  • Do returning customers respond to email promotions or follow your blog or Instagram account?

Nailing these patterns down takes time, but it is critical for you to understand where to push your content forward for each person in your sales funnel, & what type of content each platform requires!

Be Omniscient

It is probably no surprise that writing quality content is critical. However, did you know the current website content trend requires long-form, thorough content to be crafted? For most industries, today’s consumers want to find pieces of content which can answer all of their questions on a given topic in one place. This long-form content needs to be highly specific. For example, “How to remove a wasp nest from your child’s swing set,” is highly specific when compared to a title like, “How to get rid of bugs in your yard.”

Not only does it need to be thorough, but it also needs to answer questions the consumer didn’t know they needed to ask. Things like:

  • What should I wear when getting rid of the wasp nest?
  • Do different seasons affect the process?
  • How can I prevent the wasps from building a new nest on the swingset?
  • How soon after removing it are my children safe to play?

When you are writing on topics in which you hold expertise, it is easy to think these answers are obvious, but take a step back and consider what someone with zero experience in your field or with your product would need to know!

Keep in mind that different platforms require different types of content. Know your audience & know where they consume content related to your industry, then carefully build your content marketing strategy to wow them with your expertise!

SEO vs. Content Marketing

In our company, while we have separate teams for content writing & SEO, we believe they are married and cannot exist well without one another. SEO ensures website content can be found by Google, makes use of the right keywords and phrases people are actually searching for, and can optimize the page for optimal performance. On the flip side, fresh, quality content is a high-tier ranking factor in Google’s algorithms and helps drive website traffic, boost rankings, and engage more consumers. We do not believe one is more important than the other, but rather that an integrated marketing strategy is the most effective means of reaching people. 

Monitoring Success

Measuring the effectiveness of a content strategy looks very different for different businesses, as it depends on what your company and content goals are. The simplest way we measure this is Google Analytics & lead tracking. Google Analytics allows you to monitor the source of your website leads and conversions down to specific campaigns and individual blog titles. 

Exercising The Omnipresent and Omniscient Approach is a solid foundation on which to build out the details of your content marketing strategy. 

  1. Know where your customer is online and be there. 
  2. Deliver such high-level content to your customers that they feel like you knew their questions before they even thought them. 
  3. Utilize your SEO’s knowledge and work collaboratively with them to generate the best results for the overall marketing strategy. 
  4. Start tracking your progress in Google Analytics. 
  5. Go forth and conquer your competition!

Are you looking for help with strengthening your content strategy? Connect with Art Unlimited to learn more about how we can collaborate with you on a content strategy.