Our New Release! Convert Leads With Decider Pro

Roofing and construction contractors are in a very competitive industry when it comes to nurturing and converting leads. If you have a website, you may find users visit, check out your services and products, and leave without calling you to receive a free estimate. Knowing you have customers interested in your services but aren’t quite ready to take the next step can be a frustrating cycle!

Enter Decider Pro

Take the waiting game out of your conversions and meet your customers halfway with Decider Pro. This software lets your customers walk through the process of designing their roof, with your company’s branded products and pricing. Throughout this process, your customers are able to select different roofing materials you offer, such as underlayment, nails, flashing, and ventilation.

When the customer has completed the process, they are given a summary of the materials they selected, an estimate per square foot for the project scope, and the option to save their results and be contacted for a free inspection.

How Does Pricing Work?

We understand that not all roofs are the same size or complexity. Therefore, neither are the prices. When you customize your Decider Pro with your company’s pricing and materials, you have the option of pricing out the project estimates based on the size of the home. This way, your customers can have a general project estimate based on their roof size in order to start budgeting for their project.

Decider Roof Sizes

What about My Specific Roofing Materials?

For each of these materials, you can customize different levels of price or protection. For example, your customer can choose to use the existing ventilation on their home, or they can choose to upgrade to one of your options. All of these options detail their benefits, like price point, wind resistance, and energy savings. This gives the customer an easy visual and some additional education on what you recommend for their roof. It helps them understand which materials they need, based on the performance and price.

Decider for Ventilation

What Happens At The End?

When your customer reaches the end stages of Decider Pro, they are given a summary list of the materials they have selected. As the business, you have the option of displaying the price for these line items or displaying only the roof per square foot project estimate. The customer can then fill out their contact information if they would like to discuss the project with a contractor or sales representative on your team. This process is so effective in gaining leads because it helps educate your customer, builds trust, and allows you to understand what options a homeowner is interested in before reaching out to them.

Summary of Decider

What Will My Decider Pro Look like?

The Decider Pro won’t scare customers away with a foreign website; it exists within your website for a seamless user experience. When you set up your Decider Pro, you are able to completely customize the interface to align with your branding. This means the page colors, accent colors, and images can all match your branding for perfectly consistent customer sessions.

Mobile Friendly

With over 70% of Americans on a mobile device, you have to be mobile-friendly to capture leads. Decider Pro is completely mobile-friendly, making it an easy, on-the-go way to gain an estimate for busy customers. The desktop version allows you to display even more information in the content boxes for your users!

When you are ready to really get in touch with your customers, contact us at Art Unlimited to talk about the process of implementing Decider Pro on your website. With one fee, you can keep Decider Pro on your site with your customizations. If you’d like regular updates and support on Decider Pro, we offer a month by month package.