The Eleanor Roosevelt approach to Persona Marketing


Persona marketing has been around for awhile, but not everyone takes the time to truly understand why it’s important and how they can use it effectively. Eleanor Roosevelt wrote in her book You Learn By Living, “If you can develop this ability to see what you look at, to understand its meaning, to readjust your knowledge to this new information, you can continue to learn and to grow as long as you live and you’ll have a wonderful time doing it.”

This is exactly what you can do with developing personas. As an organization, you want to encourage people to find what you do to be relevant. But how do you peak their interest to keep them coming back without spending massive amounts of effort? The answer is in persona marketing.

What Is Persona Marketing?

With persona marketing, you get to create a profile of your typical patron. You should, typically, create more than one profile because your audience is broad, but do not create so many that you defeat the purpose of saving time. The purpose of this is to allow you to cater to the specific interests of your clientele in order to avoid a broad reach that impacts no one.

Persona marketing will save you time and money, because the content you create will be targeted to meet the specific interests of the persona you choose. Remember, trying to make everyone interested in your marketing at the same time means no one will be interested. If you get too broad, your efforts can be easily wasted.

See What You Look At

In order to explain the benefit of persona marketing to the best of my ability, I am going to go with a great example: Libraries. Libraries have a wide variety of patrons that visit on a regular basis, so personas will come out of a broader pot than most businesses. We are going to start with three. These personas should be targeting your most regular patrons that you wish you had more of, your raving fans per se.

After you pick a group that you just love working with, start filling out information that describes who they are. The information should be broad enough to have many people fit the rough criteria, but detailed enough to offer insightful information on how you should provide marketing information to them.

Let’s pick one: Busy Moms

Most persona’s have a fun name that better specifies what we know about them. In general, moms are good multitaskers, so for a name, let’s pick The Multi Mommy. Let’s describe her further.

Understand Its Meaning

Most businesses in general have loads of data on their customers, sometimes even from their website if they utilize Google Analytics! Actually taking that data and applying it to understand things further is the exact principle we can take from Eleanor. Think about what you normally notice about your customers, collect the data you have and start comparing the two. Do you see any patterns?

She live in town (thanks to a quick scan of addresses), she checks out books for kids, adult romances, mysteries, and a lot of audio books (which get returned faster than the print books). To delve further into our Google Analytics data of the website’s female visitors ages 25-35, we can assume she also has younger children. Looking at the demographic section of Google Analytics, we can find the median income and interests of website users. When we narrow down to just the females aged 25-35, we find their household income is on average, $50,000-$100,000.

Finding this data is called primary research. You can also find a lot of information about this category by age group if you search in Google by generation. Many people have done research that you can utilize to understand your customer persona, and all of it is free to find on the internet! The term used for research that other people have done is secondary research.

After speaking with a few people in our Multi Mommy persona group, we find out the following information: A Multi Mommy listens to audiobooks while getting things done such as running errands or doing dishes. Her romance and mystery novels are read when she has a spare moment to herself. The childrens books are usually selected by her child, and many times are the same book that was read at storytime.

Using secondary research from Google, we find that our Multi Mommy spends a lot of time on the internet, specifically creating content for others to see. This could be blogs, instagram photos, Facebook stories, etc. This is where she spends her time identifying with friends and sharing memories with family.

Re-adjust Your Knowledge of This Information

This is where we have a lightbulb moment about our marketing. We can create marketing messages that cater to the interests of our persona that are helpful and encourage a positive relationship with our library. Now that we have found her interests and know that she spends her time on social media, we know exactly the type of posts we should be making to spark those interests. She might even share what she likes!

Time to craft our first piece of content to spark our persona’s interest. Each marketing effort you create should answer the 5 W’s to ensure that we are hitting your target.

Who: Multi Mommies
What: New Mystery Novels
Where: Facebook
When: Before Christmas
Why: To encourage people to check out books in the month of January.

Normally the “Why” question will be the overall strategy goal that you would like to focus all of your marketing efforts on. You will use the same “Why” for each of your personas, but craft different content for each persona in order to meet the same goal. For this reason, your “why” needs to be broader than only one persona. I suggest having at least 3 personas of customers you would like to target.

Learn, Grow, & Live Wonderfully

After you have your personas well defined, and you are marketing to them consistently. Track your data and keep testing. Find out which pieces of content have resonated the most with your persona group, and figure out ways to replicate this type of content to keep your customers coming back for more.

You are an expert on your subject matter, flaunt it in the ways that interest them most! Enjoy doing it. If you truly care about the patrons you serve, you can start getting passionate about helping them live their lives to a new level of potential. Regardless of your industry, offering your customers targeted material to enhance their knowledge and meet their current needs will allow them to make better decisions and know they can trust your opinion.

As you become better at communicating what’s important, your customers will feel better served. As Eleanor so eloquently describes a life philosophy, I concur. A life of continued learning will truely allow you to live wonderfully.

Looking for help getting started on your personas? Call Art Unlimited today for a free consultation! We are passionate about helping organizations reach their full potential by utilizing marketing efforts and education. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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