Currently, you have administrative access or are requesting administrative access to your website. Please be aware that by having administrative access your website is more vulnerable to accidental modifications. Art Unlimited is unable to provide full services to clients with administrative access due to the fact that specific software must be protected by a security protocol. Remote backups and advanced form settings are a few of the elements that will not be available if a client admin role is active.

The benefit of having specific user roles such as an editor access, allows you to safely navigate your interface without the concern of negatively affecting your website. Due to the time intensiveness of accidental modifications in an admin access role, Art Unlimited cannot be responsible for restoring or repairing lost data.

By signing this form, you agree to be responsible for any modifications made within admin access. You also agree that additional charges may apply to rectify any negative changes made if requested.

Admin Access Acknowledgment

  • By filling out this form you are validating your acknowledgment of your website administrative access and you agree to be responsible for the administrative responsibilities outlined above.