Art Unlimited is now a Premier Google PartnerThere are many marketing companies who provide great service and many who look like they’ll be great but are not.

When you’re looking to either add or change marketing, how do you know who will work hard with you to make your business a success? Here is one easy way to know you’re working with the cream of the crop in marketing.

Look for the Badge

Badges are a popular form of showing achievements in these digital days. They proudly proclaim to the world your skills and accomplishments from games to education. They tell the observer how long your company has been around. More and more, badges are being used as a way of showing affiliations and training accomplished. They help tell you about a business before you even read the website so you know if you want to do business there or not.

Google even has badges! They are awarded to the marketing companies who prove their stuff when working with Google products such as Google Ads (formerly AdWords). With these dynamic badges, a potential client can know they are previewing a Certified Marketing Consultant or Ad Agency. And because the badges are dynamic, you can click on it to see in real time what that company is certified in.

Google Partner

Qualifying for partnership with Google isn’t a one and done partnership. It takes ongoing specialized training from Google in addition to spending requirements on ads. You must also continually demonstrate how well you optimize the Google Ads suite by delivering strong client and company growth. This is because Google not only wants you to spend your marketing budget with them, they also want you to succeed.

Premier Google Partner is the highest honor bestowed upon marketing consultants and ad agencies. Google is very selective when awarding this badge, and has stringent requirements. By requiring such high standards, Google can say with the badge how much they trust the skills, expertise, and business practices employed by the company in question. In the words of Google, “Every business should have the help they need to succeed on the web. Together we can make it happen.”

Why You Want a Premier Google Partner

When you work with a Premier Google Partner, you can have confidence knowing your marketing professional is not only skilled in what they do but is continually learning to keep ahead of the pack. They have exclusive access to tools and beta projects which can be leveraged for your business. The high spending requirement for ads is an indicator of an active marketing firm on the move and in the know. Earning the Premier Google Partner isn’t easy, it takes a great effort and time, which makes this badge even more exclusive.

At Art Unlimited, we believe in helping you continually grow your business with integrity and best practices. We are proud to have done the hard work of becoming a Premier Google Partner and will continually strive to maintain this partnership. As a Premier Google Partner, we have exclusive benefits and support to offer in addition to our expertise. Working with us will give you a competitive edge so you stand out in the marketplace.