Better Reporting For A Better Client Experience

User experience should be a top goal for any marketing firm. It is a game of maps and strategy which can be hard to understand. To boil it down: the goal is to make your site easier for users to engage with and keep them coming back.

A good User Experience is critical for every party with a touchpoint in digital marketing. Our clients’ customers need it, and our clients need it from us. It applies to how our clients access, view, and interact with their data. Using reporting tools shouldn’t be complicated for anyone. After all, they can keep both parties accountable. Art Unlimited as a marketing firm needs to be able to show our clients the traction we are gaining on their behalf. We also need this information to see what is working and what isn’t.

Make a List, Check it Twice

At the top of our list was having something in place which is easy for our clients to access and understand. It also needed to be something we could set up and have it pull all the data we ask it to pull. Our first priority was brainstorming with the whole team to see what the reports needed. Our Account Managers were also involved. They know what clients want, stacked against what we’ve been giving them. No idea was too lofty, none too silly.

Some of the things which made our list:

  • Ability to load fast
  • Ability to reference previous data with ease
  • Ability to share the client’s dashboard with them
  • Ability to see the dashboard without having to log in
  • Ability to customize and see the analytics which mattered to each client

With our list in hand, we determined which items we required. The rest got tucked away until we found something which covered all our needs. We wanted something we could set up and it would pull information from different analytic sources. It needed to become quite automated so we can focus on building relationships! Not only did this process need to be easy for us, but it also needed to be easy for our clients to access and use. It needed to be fast loading to save time on that end. Other requirements included a clean look, cost, and the ability to make multiple dashboards for our clients.

In the end, our search led us to three different websites which fit our criteria. Each one was rigorously tested to determine if they could meet the demands we had. We also looked at ease of use, ease of set up, and pricing. In the end, only one met our criteria best.

Reporting Anew

All it took to fall in love with these new reports was 15 minutes of setting up a free account. A dashboard was easily created without even knowing much about how the program worked.

A few minutes later it was clear how easy it was to collect data and present the specific data points to our clients. All data is archived, giving us the ability to look back at historical changes with a few clicks of the mouse.

We can now connect to most of our programs used on a day to day basis with one application. This makes compiling the reports we need to present to clients all the easier – they can now be in one place! Each widget within a client’s dashboard can be set up to show the client’s goals with a dotted line. Additionally, we will receive email alerts for any changes.

We are a Google Premier Partner, so connecting to the variety of Google’s tools we use was a must. We have at our fingertips a plethora of widget options for Google products.

Ease of Use for Clients

Well, this new reporting program is easy for us, but how well does it work for our clients?

Simplicity itself! We are able to send a unique URL to each client for them to see their data points. Dashboard snapshots can be downloaded or emailed directly to clients within the program. Clients can receive and view this information without logging in.

Clients can see live data on their dashboard once they have their dashboard URL. Widget goals can be set to assist clients with specific goals they want to reach. Dotted lines show the status of reaching the goal. During client meetings, we can even share the dashboard with the click of a button!

End Results

All in all, we are digging the newfound simplicity of reporting. There are many features which we will continue to explore. For now, we have developed a full dashboard which can be duplicated for each client. This will give our Account Managers a place to glance through for client data with ease. Our clients will benefit from seeing what they want to see quickly and easily.

At Art Unlimited, we look to empower our clients in their marketing strategy. One way we do this is by making the experience of working with us as streamlined as possible. To hear more about working on your marketing goals and strategy with us, give us a call today!