use google+

In the wake of Google’s Hummingbird update and “keyword not provided,” social media seems to be weighing heavier and heavier for search engine optimization. One of the greatest opportunities to leverage social media for SEO is to use Google+. Not only is being active on Google+ great for your SEO, but having a presence on one of the largest and most active social media networks keeps you ahead of the curve.

Here are five reasons you need to be on Google+

1. Helps with Search Ranking

According to this controversial Moz article, +1’s help to bump up your search ranking. Even if this is a case of correlation and not causation, users can easily see in search results how many +1’s your website or post has, adding value and reputability.

reason 1 use google+

Using keywords in your Google+ content will also help with SEO. Because of Google’s social search, using keywords in your information and posts will help it to rank higher for those search terms. Similarly, Google+ has a hashtag functionality, helping to easily find tagged keywords and include your posts into bigger conversations on a topic.

There is some evidence that Google+ helps to index posts and websites faster if they are verified or posted to Google+ than if they weren’t. Google also indexes the images you post to Google+, which will appear in Google image searches.

2. Google Authorship

Although authorship is currently only available for personal profiles and not business pages, implementing authorship could be huge for your business. When you implement Google authorship, your photo shows up next to blog posts and other pages on your website where you have linked your profile.

reason 2 use google+

Links with Google Authorship appear more credible and have a 30-150% higher click through rate. Google Authorship will give more visibility to your website in search results, increase your authority and drive more traffic to your posts.

3. Right Hand Space on Search

Although the right hand space is usually either empty or filled with advertising, Google+ pages now claim that space. Information for established Google+ Business pages will show on the right hand side of the search screen.

reason 3 use google+

4. Integrates with Everything Google

reason 4 use google+

The newest update to Google Places for Business (the management part of Google Map listings) automatically generates a Google+ Business page that integrates with your Google map listing. Now, when someone searches for your business on Google maps, they not only see your listing but they can also follow you, see your recent posts about specials or completed projects, and engage with you right on Google+.

Just as Google+ integrates with other Google properties, it now ties in your YouTube channel to your Google+ page. Whenever you add a video to your YouTube channel, it automatically connects it to your Google+ page. This is a double win, because just as Google+ helps with SEO, YouTube is the second most used search engine, so it could send traffic both ways.

5. Insights

You can track your Google+ efforts right from your page dashboard. Google+ offers data on how many users viewed your page, how many users engaged with your posts, and other information you can use to track your marketing.

reason 5 use google+

Another neat function of Google+ that displays data visually is Google Ripples. Once you post something on Google+, you can click on the upper right hand arrow, which at the bottom of the menu has Google Ripples. This will show you how many people have shared your post through a simple graphic.

reason 5B use google+

There is so much that Google+ can do for you and your business. So basically, if your business is not on Google+, you need to get it going now! If you need some help, give Art Unlimited a call.