In the last blog, we looked at four main ways you can “prove” to viewers that your website is worth visiting.  Now we’re going to look at how you seal the deal with your website.

Online Sales Help for Your Business

Your website is the perfect tool to win the prospective client, convince them that your services are what they need and seal the deal.  The key is providing content in a logical manner which will address the questions of each stage of what is commonly referred to as the “buyer’s journey.”

Step 1: Market to a Specific Person

Who is in the market for your what your business has to offer?  A college graduate?  Elderly couples?  Middle-aged parents with little ones in the home?  Knowing who is searching for you makes it easier for you to tailor the online experience to make the sale.

Step 2: Know What They’re Looking For

What prompts people to search for you? Perhaps you are a roofing contractor, and your clients have a problem (“Help! My roof is leaking!”).  Perhaps they aren’t sure whether they have a problem or not (“Shingles buckling – is this a problem?”).  Perhaps they are just wondering about options based on a conversation with their neighbor (“Shingle roof warranty details”). Address urgent pain-points with your visitors (We offer emergency roofing services!) and offer insight as to how you can improve their life (Maintenance tips for homeowners).

Step 3: Making the Sale

You’ve given visitors a reason to trust you by your website design and the quality of its content. You have proven to them that you are a competitive, knowledgeable company.  You have showcased an offer that will benefit them in some way. How do you seal the deal?

Insert a logical “next step” – a contact link, phone number, or button – anything that stands out and continues the forward motion.  Although a sales-y tone is a huge turnoff for many people, a matter of fact “If you’d like more help/information, give our team a call” can work wonders.

Step 4: Do NOT Forget the Client

Don’t stop at the sale!! The now-customer may have been WOW’d by their experience with your company, but unless you put some effort into it, they will let themselves be wow’d by someone else next time.  Not only is it proven that it is more cost efficient to maintain a current client than win over a new one, but it is also a fact that retaining clients takes some effort.

Maintain an accurate, updated customer database. Use it to follow up with a thank-you email.  Throw a customer appreciation barbecue.  Send a card in the mail.  Without smothering your new clients, prove to them that they are an important part of your business.

For more information on how your website can be a great online sales tool for your business, contact our team at Art Unlimited.

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