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Target Your Roofing Market By Location

Every industry has a target market: the perfect customer persona. In the roofing industry, that may be a middle aged, middle class homeowner or the manager of a homeowner’s association. Knowing who your target customer is key to your marketing strategy, but do you ever give much thought to WHERE your target customer is? Their location is an extremely important part of their persona. Here is some basic information to help your marketing strategy target the right area:

Why Location is Important

In the roofing service industry, twenty miles further out can add to your expenses quickly, from mileage to non-billable time on the road. Locations of residential neighborhoods should be excluded from your marketing efforts if your company’s primary business is commercial roofs! If your revenue stream is roof replacement, you should avoid predominant areas of new construction.


What Your Potential Customers See

When your customer searches online for services, their location is “pinged” by the search engine.  This will bring them results that Google (example) deems fit for their area. There is more you can do to target specific locations than just relying on Google to use its almighty GPS. First and foremost, you must have your target service locations listed within your website somewhere within the content. If Google doesn’t read it, it doesn’t exist, so the more specific you are, the closer you will get to your target location.

Use Specific Terminology

Often we use vague terminology to describe service areas. For example, your site might say, “Providing roof replacement services in Chicago and the surrounding areas.  Although there is nothing wrong with this, you are not targeting your niche market. Chicago has a population of 2.8 million people and the competition is overwhelming, no matter what industry you are in. In this case, you would be much more specific with, “Providing residential roof replacement services in Naperville”.  Naperville has a population of 145,000, with older, established neighborhoods.

Target Locations = Flexibility

The best thing about pin pointing target locations is that you can continue to add to them.  Although you may want to list Chicago throughout your website, being specific about service locations will help increase traffic from the roofing customers you are seeking. You know the customers you are seeking. Help them find you through your roofing business through an effective marketing locations strategy.

If you would like a more in-depth analysis on whether your roofing marketing efforts are paying off, check our our FREE Roofing Contractor Marketing Spreadsheet.