Get Prepared for Best Of Success!

It’s time to pull out your suitcase and come to the Best of Success 2014 Roofing Contractor Magazine conference. Ken Kelly & Anna Anderson will be speaking on 7 lead generation strategies to help with growing your business.

Ken and I are extremely excited to be speaking; our goal is to help other roofing contractors just like Kelly Roofing experience the same marketing success.  We will be talking about the very marketing strategies Kelly Roofing has implemented for years. How they have stayed on top even though the market has changed many times.

Your business can do the same; these strategies are repeatable and are producing the same results for companies across the nation.

  • What are some of the key takeaways you can expect to learn?
  • How to connect your sales team with marketing so you can grow your company and revenue streams.
  • Learn how to shift your keyword marketing strategy to connect with today’s audience.
  • Use quality content to educate and convert prospective buyers.
  • Defining your dream client.
  • You will also get a peek at the Kelly Roofing customer journey map!
Okay I have to admit I’m extremely excited about and upcoming conference. I hope that you can join us.


Here are the details:

The 2014 Best of Success conference will be held in Marco Island, Florida on September 22nd & 23rd.  Join some of the biggest and brightest roofing contractors from across the nation.  If you can’t join the conference in person check out the webinar!

Best of Success Broadcasting Live

See you there!