In this second video installment, Anna Anderson, CEO of Art Unlimited, talks a little bit about how to connect with your prospective customers – via online marketing.  It can be challenging to jump into the middle of their decision making process – but the success of your business depends on it.


Hi. Anna with Art Unlimited. Today I want to talk about the many opportunities you, as a business owner, have to connect with prospective customers.

Modern Customers

Today’s customers are not just picking up the phone (or filling out a form on your website) to reach out and say “Hey, why don’t you come out and let’s talk about a service or product.”

No – it’s not happening that way.

By the time you are aware of them, they are far ahead.  They are thinking about what are they going to do, what action they will take, as well as the type of product or service are they going to use.

Be There at the Start

You need to be right there when your customer starts to think about these things.  How?  By making sure that you have a website.  Without a website – who are you?  You’re invisible.

Be There Along the Way

You need to also make sure you’re creating quality content on an ongoing basis. That content shows the customer that hey, you’re on top of it. You know your stuff.

And then – you need to dig a little deeper.

Be Invaluable

You need to share something that’s super important that the customer couldn’t get anywhere else. Then, they can come back and say: “WOW. This company really gave me key information that helped me make a good decision.”

To this end, make sure you’re also active on social media – because that’s where people are having most of their conversations.

Be Personable

Videos are a great way to show your personality. People want to watch you. It adds a personal element to your business and prompts viewers to want to know the person behind the camera.

Make sure the emails you send out are valuable, rather than spammy.  Make sure that your sales team is personal and that they are willing to reach out and go the extra mile for your customers.

Be Unforgettable

At the end of the day, your reviews have to be solid. You need to make sure that customers are able to learn about you and know what other customers experienced when they connected with your company.

So get out there – use those marketing tools to their fullest!

As always, if would like more information to use for your online marketing tactics, contact the Art Unlimited team.

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