Today, April 21, 2015, Google launches its newest algorithm, specifically designed to seek out sites that are mobile friendly and shoot them to the top of search results. How this will affect your business depends entirely on how well you have prepared for this day.

Some are referring to the new algorithm as “mobile-geddon,” making the assumption that any site not optimized for mobile will plummet to the bottom of search results.  Of course, like all new algorithms, there will be a tidal wave of fallout.

What Does This Mean for You?

So what does this mean for a mom and pop business that lacks the finances or technical savvy to upgrade? We won’t know for bit, but it is safe to say that those who are not mobile friendly will feel the bite: mobile search has just surpassed 60% of all search inquiries.

Note: This algorithm does not target tablet users, just mobile devices. However, a strong responsive site will make for a better user experience, regardless of the device he/she is using.

What Qualifies as Responsive

A responsive website is designed so that a mobile user does not need to:

  • Scroll horizontally to read the content on a page
  • Zooming in (or tapping) on an image or text to view it
  • Clickable links, etc. are spaced far enough apart so that a mobile user can easily click them

The New Update: Increased User Satisfaction

This new addition to the algorithm is one way that Google is reminding us to keep up with technology. Providing a quality user experience, regardless of the device he/she is using, should be the priority of your online marketing strategy.

With every update that is rolled out, Google continues to increase its efficiency in bringing an online searcher in contact with a website that will help solve their questions or problems – quickly.

If you have already prepared for this day and are mobile ready, this new Google crawl may bump you ahead of your lesser prepared competitors. If you still need a mobile friendly boost to your website, now is definitely the time to invest in your online marketing technology. A responsive design for your website will ensure that no matter what device is being used, your site will represent well. Remember: organic search is the bread and butter of site traffic and potential leads.

For more information about giving your website a mobile friendly boost through responsive design, contact the Art Unlimited team today.