Quite often when we create a post we have a photo we would like to use with it. The problem is when we put that image into the Post it doesn’t fit right. In the past we may pull the image and try to edit it in PhotoShop or Paint or whatever software we may have on our computer system, but did you know that you can optimize images right in WordPress?

Make sure you have loaded your desired Image into the Media Library

"Add new images to Media Library"


Find  Image  in the Media Library and Click on the desired photo

Click Edit Image under photo


"Select image to be edited in the Media Library"

Once you get to the Edit Image Screen you have a number of Options. You can Scale or Resize the image, Crop or Rotate it, or set the size and focus of the Thumbnail. Make sure you Update Media after each Edit.


"Options for editing images in the Media Library"


It is Best to Adjust the Scale of the Image before doing any cropping, rotating, etc

You can then resize the photos to desired size (check for recommended sizes for your specific theme)
You can proportionally scale the original image. For best results the scaling should be done before performing any other operations on it like crop, rotate, etc. Note that if you make the image larger it may become fuzzy.

Example’s Original dimensions 1280×960



Crop the photos to focus on what you want visitors to see

 "Crop photos in your Media Library

Images can be cropped as you choose
The image can be cropped by clicking on it and dragging to select the desired part. While dragging the dimensions of the selection are displayed below.

"Instructions for cropping photos in the Media Library"

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Arrow: move by 10px
  • Shift + arrow: move by 1px
  • Ctrl + arrow: resize by 10px
  • Ctrl + Shift + arrow: resize by 1px
  • Shift + drag: lock aspect ratio

Crop Aspect Ratio
You can specify the crop selection aspect ratio then hold down the Shift key while dragging to lock it. The values can be 1:1 (square), 4:3, 16:9, etc. If there is a selection, specifying aspect ratio will set it immediately.

Crop Selection
Once started, the selection can be adjusted by entering new values (in pixels). Note that these values are scaled to approximately match the original image dimensions. The minimum selection size equals the thumbnail size as set in the Media settings.

Thumbnails sizes for original Images can be cropped and set as desired  

"Use the Media Library tools to set an alternate Thumbnail size"


Thumbnail Settings
The thumbnail image can be cropped differently. For example, it can be square or contain only a portion of the original image to showcase it better. Here you can select whether to apply changes to all image sizes or make the thumbnail different.

 "Photos can be changed for just the Thumbnail or all can be changed here"

Make sure you save all changes you will want to keep as you work by clicking on the “Update Media” button.

Now you are ready to add your optimized image into your post.