You don’t have to be a webmaster in order  to customize the signature on your Microsoft Outlook email. Just follow the easy steps below to create a signature that reinforces your web persona.

To add an image to your signature

  1. Start by selecting the graphic or logo that you want as part of your signature.
  2. Save the graphic/ logo of your preference to your computer. For ease of access this can be done right on your desktop.
  3. Open your MS Outlook account.
  4. In Outlook (usually at the top) go to Tools and then go to Options. You should see some tabs; click on the Mail Format tab.
  5. Under Mail Format go to the Signatures. In your Signature box, select where you want to put the image
  6. Click on the picture icon that has a mountain and a sun in a box. A window will pop up with your files.
  7. Go to the folder where you saved the graphic / logo and click insert to get the icon. The icon should show up in the signatures.

To Connect the Image in your signature to Facebook or your website:

  1. Make sure you are not logged into Facebook before you start. (You will need the URL to be displayed without extra stuff on it)
  2. In Outlook select the image. It should show with a black border around it with squared dots inside.
  3. Click on the hyperlink icon that is next to the picture icon that has looks like the earth with a chain in front.
  4. A window will pop up and this is where you will enter your Facebook link or the link to your website.
  5. Make sure the button on the left called Existing File or Web page is selected. No need to look in the documents folder here.
  6. After that, click on ok and ok to exit.
  7. You can repeat these steps to add other icons with different links as well.