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Top 5 Booths to Visit at the International Roofing Expo

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Top 5 Booths to Visit at the International Roofing Expo

Top Five IRE Booths 2018

Planning to check out the International Roofing Expo this February? We are too! Here are the top booths we recommend Roofers check out as you are planning your trip.

1. The GAF Education Center #1400

In 2018, the Roofing Industry has started to hit a dramatic crisis, a labor shortage. All roofers need to be educated on how this will affect the industry and their business. We recommend checking out Booth #1400 on Feb 7th at 2:00 pm for the Labor Crisis discussion.

This is a great way to get an introduction to the events surrounding the industry. With 12% of the construction labor force retiring in the next 5 years, it’s important to know how you should be gaining and retaining quality staff. Be prepared to ask questions, because they’ll be prepared to answer them!

2. Hayne Coaching Group #365

Hayne Coaching Group’s Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) certification makes them stand out as a top pick to the Art Unlimited staff. If your roofing company has reached a plateau and is looking for the next big kick to internal growth and business productivity, this is the place to start. Many of our clients have implemented the EOS system to see phenomenal success in their business. Get to know them for a great introduction to EOS.

If you’re looking to understand the whole process further and want to know a great way to align your business processes by having a unified leadership team, we recommend reading the book Traction as a research project for your business. We cannot say enough about how this will help your roofing move from surviving to thriving!

3. Broadly #261

If you haven’t started building a solid review presence, you must start now. We predict within the next 2 years, Google is going to be more aggressive about squishing businesses out of search results if they have low quality reviews. Why? Because “92% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses,” and 86% are influenced by negative reviews when making decisions.

Broadly is a review management platform that allows you ask your customers how their experience was with you. If it was great, they will be encouraged to leave you a public review. If it wasn’t, your staff manager will be the first to know about the issue.

As a marketing agency, we do oodles of research to find out which review-management platforms are the best, because we want to recommend what we know to be beneficial. Broadly is one of the highest scoring review platforms we’ve researched. If you’re interested in a first hand customer experience, let us know! We are die hard advocates!

4. The Roofer’s Coffee Shop #2842

As a business that has changed with the industry, The Roofer’s Coffee Shop has never ceased to amaze us. From a magazine read with the morning coffee, to their full host of educational material and networking opportunities within their website, they do it all. The Roofers Coffee Shop is all about connecting roofers to one another to create a great community, share knowledge, and move the industry forward in technological advancements and ideas.

It’s also a great place to advertise for hiring, selling equipment, or finding tools! Ask us at IRE for a free promo code that they are allowing us to give away for your first free ad on their platform.

5. National Women In Roofing #2744

If we could write a novel about how much we love them, we would! The National Women in Roofing does an amazing job of helping new demographics get involved in the roofing industry. They are a driving force to help new professionals enter the roofing industry, and are passionate about empowering women through mentoring and training.

This booth is an excellent place to learn how you can get involved. If not for you, do it for your daughters or sisters who work right alongside you in the roofing industry. Getting them involved is a great way to help them grow in their leadership and education. They also have a fantastic schedule of events the Sunday before the conference starts!

Freebie! Art Unlimited #2742

Finally, if you happen to check out the National Women in Roofing booth, come check out ours! Conveniently located right next door! Or, if you are looking for marketing help to propel 2018 into a strong year, connect with us and feel free to schedule a meeting to discuss your marketing needs further. We exist to help your roofing business grow!

See you at the International Roofing Expo in 2018!

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