We all know that technology changes daily, hourly, really each second.  In essence, your brand new website really could have minor upgrades done the week after it launches.  Given the rapid rate of change within the online marketing world, we look for key elements that signal when it’s time to make an upgrade to your website.

Dinosaur-cartoon-smThere are 10 elements that we grade websites on, but bear in mind that these are general guidelines.  Some industries might have specific needs of features that users are beginning to expect and to be frank, demand, or they are moving on.

  1. Mobile / Responsive Design
  2. A Clear Navigation Path
  3. Compelling Design
  4. Easy to See Contact Information
  5. Social Media Integration
  6. Search Engine Friendly Programming
  7. Quality Content
  8. Strong Reliable Hosting
  9. Security
  10. Online Editor Platform

Each of the items listed above we use to score a website’s strength.  Our goal is to engage and attract new clients for your company’s ongoing growth.  We want to make sure that your user’s experience with your website is amazing.  When you are missing 1, 2 or up to 5 of these pieces within your website, it becomes challenging to surge forward with a strong marketing plan of engagement.

Should I continue with updates to my website?

If your website is 5 or more years old then many of these functions weren’t available at that time so upgrading would be incredibly important.  Or, you might be the business owner who’s website is 4 months old but is missing some of these elements.  When working with a new website, generally speaking, you can easily do a slight face lift without incurring a massive bill.  We usually recommend that you take the ongoing maintenance approach within your website.  Don’t allow your company’s website to slip so far back in the rankings or user standards that you need to play catch up with the competition.  Lead the competition in your region by making your website the bar they reference when developing their new website.