PPC And SEO: 3 Ways They Work Together For Your Benefit

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are two different ways to direct traffic to your website. Each has a distinct strategy to accomplish the goal of getting people to engage with your site.

How can PPC and SEO work together to improve the results for both marketing channels? The answer to this question could result in increasing your leads to grow your business while lowering your costs.

Using PPC and SEO Together

The goal of both PPC and SEO is to entice users to click through to your site from the Search Engine. The more people you can get to view your page, the better chance you have of acquiring new customers and growing your business.

When people perform a search query, they most frequently choose to click a listing near the top of the results. This position can either be paid for (PPC) or earned by ranking in the top organic results (SEO).

How PPC and SEO Work Differently

SEO optimizes on-page content and alters metadata so search engines can visit a site and rank it based on relevance to people’s queries. This relevance helps keep viewers on the page longer, which is another contributor to ranking higher on the SERP. In addition, visitors remaining on the page and engaging with the content can lead to more business for you.

It is “free” because there is no cost to you when someone clicks through to your site from a SERP. Getting your listing to rank high enough to be noticed in the organic search results does take time; however, the results are long-term.

PPC instantly puts you at the top of the SERP, in the form of an ad above the organic search listings. This gives your business immediate exposure to your potential customers. 

You pay for this ad at the current Cost-per-Click rate each time someone clicks on it. The ads are temporary; they will only appear for as long as you have funds available.PPC And SEO: 3 Ways They Work Together For Your Benefit

Because there is data returned on these interactions, PPC allows you to target your audience more precisely. You can focus on location, time of day they are most likely to be searching, their interests, and even the type of device they may be using. PPC can be responsive to seasonality in your business. You can adjust your budget according to the time of year as needed. You can also experiment with which keywords are most effective at catching and keeping the interest of visitors. These are the visitors who convert to becoming your customers.

The bottom line is, SEO is slow-working but long-lasting and PPC is instant but temporary.

These two strategies are most effective when working in tandem. How can PPC and SEO work together? Let’s explore three ways they do.

1. SEO Using PPC Data

PPC strategy focuses on targeting consumers who are closer to making a decision. Paid conversion data can help find the most effective keywords to make the sale. Once these keywords are identified, SEO can optimize the web pages for those terms. While they may not necessarily increase overall traffic to your site, they focus on what works to increase conversions.

2. PPC Using SEO Data

SEO data helps to identify keywords with existing strong organic performance. PPC can test removing those terms from the paid account to save money, or focus on other keywords with a strong conversion rate.

3. Optimizing Landing Pages

If a PPC landing page quality score is low, SEO optimization for the keywords being focused on by PPC can increase the quality rating. In this way, SEO helps PPC become more effective.

As the PPC team finds the ad copy which performs best and leads to higher conversion rates, they can send it to the SEO team. SEO team members then refresh the website content on key pages of the site. High-quality content helps to engage visitors enough to persuade them to “buy” your product or service. This can also increase organic click-through rates and improve user experience on your site.

To put these three strategies in place, a collaboration between PPC and SEO professionals is essential.

While our PPC and SEO teams at Art Unlimited work on separate campaigns, our communication with each other is key. We have a common goal of getting more visitors to your site and converting them into customers. We support each other’s goals by sharing information gleaned from our respective data findings. We then use the information to improve the performance of both marketing channels. This is one of the ways Art Unlimited strives to provide the best possible value to our clients. If you’d like to learn more, connect with us today!