Why You Should Promote Preferred Insurance Certifications
If you’ve never thought about having your auto shop “preferred” by your local insurance companies, now might just be the time to start. Having your shop listed as a preferred insurance partner can, influence a sense of confidence in your customers, and get your business recommendations and referrals from the insurance agency that you partnered with. As an added bonus, you’ll likely get a free backlink to the insurance website to boost your SEO!

Brand Appearance

When you begin promoting a preferred insurance certification status for your auto repair shop you will see a change in your brand appearance. Instantly the words “preferred” and “certified” catch the eye of your potential customers and search engines. Customers will see that they can trust you, and Google can become more confident sending visitors to your site if you are linked properly as a preferred provider. This is done through backlinks.

Backlinks are gained when someone places your website URL on their website. It acts like a chain connecting their website to yours. Backlinks to your business’s website from authoritative sites let search engines know that your site is relevant and has its own authority. This will then lead to higher ranking which ultimately puts your body shop in front of more people, increasing customer conversion.


Customers who are working through their insurance company to find a qualified auto shop after experiencing a collision will often ask for suggestions and recommendations from the agent. The agent employed at the company will usually give them the list of company certified collision repair shops in the area. What this means for you is potential leads. Your company’s name is now in the hands of someone who is sure to need your services.

In addition to the obvious benefits from referrals, recommendations and providing your customers with a sense of security in your services, gaining a preferred status with insurance companies can help your auto body shop backlink to other related businesses.

For instance, if you work with towing companies on a regular basis, you can swap backlinks by showcasing the fact that you commonly work together for users to easily find the trusted options out there. Your certifications can be used to help the towing company’s status as trustworthy by working with other credible businesses. Linking your websites to one another can be especially helpful if you are close in geographic proximity because it can increase your local ranking authority as a legitimate business in Google’s eyes.

Building your business to be found by search engines is hard work, but we believe in you! If you’re looking for more tricks to help increase leads and ranking for your auto repair shop contact Art Unlimited today.

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