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Great Technology Tools for Roofing Contractors

///Great Technology Tools for Roofing Contractors

Great Technology Tools for Roofing Contractors

5 Roofing Contractors Share Their Favorite Technology Tools

Recently, I met with some of our tech-savvy roofing contractors. Using technology allows each of these businesses to have a strong, seamless integration with clients and team members.

The common thread that I found between these companies was they utilize technology as a tool, enabling their current staff to work smarter!  So what are the top tech tools these guys use?

If you are looking at increasing technology usage in your roofing company, check out these options!

Ken Kelly – owner of Kelly Roofing, based out of Naples, FL

Ken uses technology to not only streamline business processes, but also to engage with clients remotely:

  1. EagleView – EagleView is the top pick for Ken when it comes to requesting detailed measurements for a roofing estimate.  The reports can be automatically requested through Ken’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management system). Once EagleView completes the report, it is sent back to the Kelly Roofing CRM, then enabling proposals to be created automatically.  His sales reps simply review and customize proposals before sending them to clients.

  2. OneDrive – Having a photo bucket system that integrates with the office, estimators, and project managers is critical.  The Kelly Roofing team turns to OneDrive to store all of their job images, which are then connected into the clients’ profiles within the CRM.


Juan Reyes – owner of Pro Roofing & Siding, based in Marietta, GA

Juan has a growing company.  When visiting with Juan, I could tell that he believes strongly in empowering his company through the use of technology tools.  Here are three key tools that are a portion of his company’s success:

  1. Asana – Asana is a cloud-based project management solution that helps companies organize their tasks.  It can also connect with countless applications through its robust API connection!  Pro Roofing & Siding harnesses the Asana tool to help organize meetings and internal project management – through the power of Asana, Juan is able to keep on top of internal business goals from anywhere!

  2. Contractors Cloud – They use Contractors Cloud for their clients’ scope creation and project management. Working with Contractor Cloud is a great solution for Roofing Contractors who are larger than 3 million in sales.

  3. Skitch from Evernote – Skitch is a sweet tool that allows the team to highlight elements within photos that client’s need to be aware of.  Text and graphic elements are easily added on photos.  In the past, Juan’s team would have to write out descriptions of problems. Now, by using Skitch, their clients immediately see what they are talking about through images!


Brad Mosakowski – Operations Manager at Straight Line Construction & Roofing, based out of Placerville, CA.

As the Operations Manager, Brad works on making sure that the crews have a strong backbone of technology at their fingertips.  Here are three technology tools their company cannot live without:

  1. Dynamic BPM – Brad has worked countless hours refining their Business Process Management system.  They have custom workflows, automated systems propelling the team members through jobs much faster.  Customers also receive the white glove pampering that the owner, Jack Borba, knows is a vital reason why their company is growing by leaps and bounds.

  2. GoldMine CRM – Every business needs a powerful CRM to manage hundreds of thousands of customer data.  The entire StraightLine team uses the GoldMine platform within their day to day activities.  All of the vital business data is in one place, enabling the team quick access to countless files.

  3. Excel –  Brad and the StraightLine team are not alone; this is a common business tool I found multiple contractors reference when managing a thriving business.  Excel is used to run countless jobs and business metrics.


Joseph Robertson – owner of Quality Roofing, based in Austin, TX

Joseph provides local residents with Roof Replacement services.  In a recent conversation with Joseph, I asked him about the roofing technology tools he uses. Here were his top picks:

  1. Skitch – Joseph and the Quality Roofing team, like Juan’s team at Pro Roofing & Siding, use the Skitch platform when presenting client’s with roof failures. The ease of use is astounding.

  2. SketchUp – This 3D modeling tool allows the Quality Roofing team to model a roofing job for clients and general contractors.  It’s a must have tool for the office staff!

  3. Contractors Cloud – A full CRM solution enables Joseph and team members to connect with client files, manage jobs and automate systems.


John Tidwell – owner of Rice Roofing, based out of Springdale, AR

John loves technology and always keeps it close at hand. When asked what keeps his company running smoothly, John quickly referenced his picks:

  1. Penultimate – The Evernote tools are not just for office staff – the Rice roofing team uses Penultimate to mark up job notes and images!

  2. Surface by Microsoft – Being able to connect to your files is critical and for John and team they turn to the Surface to power their business.  The Surface is a lightweight, high powered computer that can be used on the job site or in the office.  It’s a must-have tool – not just for the Rice Roofing team, but also for many of the Roofing Contractors that our Art Unlimited team works with.

  3. Plan Grid – John said that this is a fantastic tool that enables his team to manage blue prints for their construction side of the business as well as on complicated roof replacement jobs.  Check this tool out via the app center on your phone or tablet!

I hope that you had fun reading about the available technology for roofing contractors that have ignited a portion of the success that these 5 companies have earned.  

If you have questions or are looking at using additional technology within your roofing business I’m sure you will find a new tool or two off of this list!


About the Author:

Anna Anderson
Anna is Art Unlimited's Co-Owner and Online Marketing Project Manager, bringing businesses powerful online solutions.